All of us are trying to get more followers but I like to follow people that I am going to actually read not just for numbers.  So here is a way for everyone to share what you are blogging about so we can decide who to follow.

My blog is "Boots in the Doorway" (<---clickable) and I am writing about if alcohol should be allowed in the war zone and life as a military wife.

What are you blogging about? Tell us your most interesting topic so we want to stop by and PLEASE post a link so we can find it without going through everyone's profile.  :-)

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Great idea!

I write mostly about parenting, education and feminism, I tend to react to news or events.

I love writing about my children and life.I also put some of my poems or creative pieces on my blog.

Here's the link to my blog:

Comments are always welcome
Some articles I found about Breastfeeding really interested me. I breastfed for 13 months and gained so much fulfillment from the bonding journey with my daughter. Check out my blog now to comment or just to read.
Now that Spring is here our big topics are Gardening, Green Energy, and finally being able to work on The Stone House remodeling. There is so much to do. And of course the new baby that will be arriving on the 7th of April. Baba's Farm Life is busy, busy.
On my blog, Bright Autumn Sun, I've written a bit about springtime, the holidays, the books we've been reading, and enjoying playing outside in the last days of spring before it gets too hot (we live in sunny Florida!)

if you come check out my blog, I'm happy to come visit you too! :)
That's a great idea!
my blog is a fun and inspiring thoughts of a Working mom (me) on career, entrepreneurship, raising kids, healthy living, marriage and everything in between.

I talk about healthy food, Gym, spanking little butts, Online business and stuff...
Stop by!
My current blog is how to be fit by exercising and living a healthy life. Also, you will find great ideas on meal preparation guaranteed to make your life easier. Check out these and other really 'cool" stuff at

Shelina Ishani
I am a young mom (22) and I understand that most people might think that I'm leaving my baby home alone while I party and pouring Pepsi into the sippy cup and only changing a diaper when the sag is so low it hits the floor.

But in fact the opposite is true! I don't leave my baby home when I go party...I just bring him with me. And Pepsi? That's for chumps! My toddler gets straight Mikes Hard Lemonade (but the light kind because he's on a diet). And I only change a diaper when I know the social worker is on her way. We save money that way.

But in all honesty I take a very laid back (ok well I try to) view on mommying and even mommy blogging. I have an ability to be able to describe to you in such vivid detail about a fight with my husband over burgers that makes you want to run for the hills!

I'm completely transparent and honest when it comes to this. I want to put out my mistakes and learn from others and offer up any little nuggets of wisdom I can.

Throw in some adorable pictures of my fiesty red head tot, delicious recipes, hot pictures of my husband, and fantastic shoes and you've got yourself a blog!

This week I blogged about my thoughts on home birth vs hospital birth

Just starting a new series on making your own baby food! Complete with recipes, photos, and step-by-step instructions. So far, the feedback has been really positive, but I would love to hear from my MBC peeps!
Hey Guys,

Check out the latest review on the Chicco Polly Highchair. Let me know what you think! I love feedback on the review process.

Want beautiful, clear, wrinkle free skin and non frizzy beautiful hair? Don't we all? Well, if you do, check out my post this week on the benefits of Jojoba oil at
Hello Everyone... The name of my blog is Journeys of a Single Mom . Its a place for Moms to discuss topics, vent, debate and give one another advice. I post topics which my followers would like advice/info about.

Right now, my latest post is "Meeting His Mom". One of my followers needs some advice about a 2yr relationship she is in, however she still has yet to meet the guys mother.
I just posted a blog about Postpartum Depression. This is such an important and under-reported problem that women have. It is important for women to know they are not alone in their feelings, and that they do have help.
My Gentle Birthing blog, please visit!


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