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I am brand new to MBC, and I have no idea where to begin? I want to add my posts I want to make friends. MBC is so large in size that I really am unsure where to start.

I noticed that the feeds are back dated. As opposed to be most current they start with the first comments. That made me think that the conversations or discussions were not current and then I saw the posts get more current as I read.

So these are my questions?

  • Where do I add my blog posts?
    • Do they up date into the site automatically when I post?  (I linked my site when the badge was installed on to my page).
    • if not what is the proper way to post?
  • What are the best ways to make connections?
    • I see the you follow me I follow you. I want to geniuenlyconnect with other moms for solid advice and support. likes and follows are great - however I loved this network because of the size and oppurtunity to connect and learn.  
  • ANY TIPS ?
    • I would be so grateful for any tips on anything in navigating and connecting with others on MBC. I also want to be able to help others with blogging and social media campaigns, the best ways to produce graphics on the go and how to actually make money with your site.

    Thank you in advance for helping me to better understand networks. Most of my blogging efforts have been creating for others. For me this club is so much more about blogging and the technical aspects of it all but about the MOM connection. I just ( arrived yesterday) moved across the country (yest the week before Christmas) with three children. It wsa a sudden move and we are staying at my in laws I do not know anyone except family. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have spent 37 years in the same small town - dedicted my life to the same cause and in hind sight lived a very sheltered life. My family back home will not speak to me because we moved. At Christmas it feels like my heart is being ripped out but I have no choice but to put on a brave face. My to do list has to do lists and subcategories. Connecting with strong women is VITAL right now. Moms who can provide solid advice. <3 April

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Hi April -

Welcome to the Club. We're glad you're here. Here is a quick start guide about how to use the Club.

The site and community is quite large, so it can feel overwhelming. There are members who you'll notice are here every day. We encourage you to write comments on their walls and introduce yourself. Connect with them on social media and introduce yourself there also. Answer questions in the forum, offer advice....just become vocal here and you'll make great friends and will be able to network. 


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