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I'm currently using a template from but would really like to create something custom. One of my main goals is to create a blog design around a custom header which really depicts the theme of my blog.

I do have some "trial by fire" graphic design ability but the only software I have is MS Publisher.

I'm debating trying to create something myself or finding someone else to do it (but can't afford a lot.)

The other consideration is that I own my URL ( so maybe I just go the traditional web design route and link to Blogger. (Right now the URL redirects to

Totally confused and wishing I was just a little more tech savvy!

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I use WordPress and customized a theme by Brian Gardner. It's a pretty affordable solution to go this route. You can usually find a WordPress programmer who can customize for you if you are not comfortable with html and coding. Jesse Petersen is who I use when I run into snags! :)
I've worked on a few blog and web banners from Etsy. I also do print at home designs. I work around the clients style and taste.I can also design If anyone is interested let me know.
I had my blog designed my a fabulous designer! She offers reasonable prices, is so sweet to work with, and will tweak, tweak and retweak your site until you are happy with it. Check her out and tell her that I sent you!

I got a custom template from StudioPress, but really DH helped me tweak it. If you need any help LMK, DH is always up for a challenge.
I was using leeloublogs, then she brought on another blog designer so I go from this other lady and designers she has listed on her blog. Right now I am using a 2010 New Year blog. I enjoy changing up my blog template on a regular basis.
I bought a template (Revolution) which was a copy-cat of of WP theme only for blogger, then Brandy from Stitchblade Designs did my header for The Review Broads.

For Champagne Living - Berries and Cream Blog Design

I'm going to have Brandy redesign Champagne Living in 2010 to reflect the direction it's going in.
I use

They're free, well designed and fully customizable with little to no knowledge of html or css. I can do it myself but I rarely find the time for sitting down to do it! So these versatile templates have been a real lifesaver.
i have beautiful and free vina wordpress theme..

i have desgined the header myself

and my friend made it compatible to show up to 900 px photos and i am loving it!!

it got nominated for best blog design by 3 different people for avant garde awards!
I designed mine myself & obtained the domain myself. I am a freelance graphic designer.
I designed mine myself. It;s very simple at the moment but I've had blogs with allot of fancy stuff in the past and just needed a break from that. There's allot of great tutorials on the web to help you.
Awwww Thanks!
I designed both of my blogs

The Hillman Family

Amber's Recipe Collection

I also do people's for free.
Mommie Maddness
The reason I don't charge is because sometimes I take a long time to get it done so I think it would be rude to charge.

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