I've seen many bloggers fret over switching from Blogger to Wordpress, however they seem determined that it's the best way to go. Why? What is the difference? More control over your layout? More traffic? What's it all about?

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I also like Wordpress better for all of the reasons everyone else has listed.

I'm trying to transfer a blogger blog to wordpress, but I'm having trouble. Everything seems to transfer except the tags and categories. Also - the comments are there but they are no longer assigned to the post they belong to! Does anyone know how to avoid this problem? Any help would be appreciated!
I say its cause you have total control over what you can do with your site and you dont have blogger telling you no or you cant do this or that. Plus seriously... better design options :P
I have just hired someone to switch my blog from Blogger to Wordpress next month. I am switching because I've heard how much better the built-in SEO functions are, how many more plug-ins there are, and because I personally feel WP blogs look more professional. As I am trying to break into the business side of blogging, I would like my blog to look more "finished."

While Blogger seems to be the better option for those with really limited website skills, for those of us even at a novice level, WP is still manageable.

I'm excited but so nervous at the same time!

This is great reading. I love posts that can help others. I am getting ready to start mine and feel almost oblivious to what all is going on with the internet nowadays. Especially since I have been using it non-stop in my career. Now that I am at home, I am having to learn so much.- And I have. I am a little intimidated but I am a fast learner. I intend on using WordPress as a Plartform because I intend on doing a "self-hosted" Blog... I don't think I will have my own server because I don't know when our provider may go down... we live in the country and internet connection will go out sometimes... Needless to say, I still want to control what I do with my Blog. I have heard (read) it is not self-hosted if you pay for it but then I have heard (read) that it is self-hosted... confusing to say the least. So, all I am doing now is concentrating on features a Host can provide in the plan I choose and then I will jump in. I hope I am understanding what the need for a Host, Platform, & Server is. I do know that I will save everything I do to either a separate drive. But if I use Wordpress that doesn't mean that wordpress is the host does it? I don't want to buy double what I need either.
Thx for this post, I am picking up bits and pieces of info as I go along.
I have a blog called the Coupon Diva http://thecoupondiva.com and have used it from the beginning the whole part of word press besides the freedom is getting those SEO abilities and using the plugins that help. I searched for two days found five plugins and I am not kidding when I say I went from hardly any hits from search engines to having over 100 hits in a weeks time. I now get daily hits from the search engine. Love it and Love WP.
The freedom mainly. I still have a blog dedicated soley for my son on blogger still, but my public mom blog is on wordpress. I started using the free wordpress.com but evenutally bought my domain and use the full wordpress.org version. Doing that takes a little more blog operating knowledge, but you have so much more freedom and control over how your blog looks and what you can add on.

Note: A lot of people don't know this but with having a free wordpress.com blog there are limits and restrictions on adverstisments and promotions you are allowed to do. Check out the terms and conditions if you plan on trying to make some extra cash with your blog.
I used both but my new blog is on Blogger and I wont go back to Wordpress, just don't like it.
I want to switch from Blogger to Word Press and could really use some guidance!
I was on blogger for many years and recently switched my blogs over to Wordpress. I love the fact that I own my site now. I like the ability to backup my site. I love the endless plugins and themes. I could go on and on. But I will say this...in the beginning it is a little more hands on than blogger, so be prepared for that. It kind of catches you off guard. But once you get the hang of it, its smooth sailing.

My site is here, check it out: The Write One Blog
Very good tip regarding the free version!
I just recently started a discussion about this. (Didn't see this until now). I have a ton of questions for those of you who went from blogger to wordpress if you have a chance to lend your advice.

It is in the Everything Blogging group and named Moving from Blogger to Wordpress - needs tips and info.

Hey Tamara- Any regrets? How smoothly did it go?

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