I've seen many bloggers fret over switching from Blogger to Wordpress, however they seem determined that it's the best way to go. Why? What is the difference? More control over your layout? More traffic? What's it all about?

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Dalia - can you link to the group? I was unable to pull it up.
Okay I'll answer a few and then leave a few for others to chime in on.

The pricing was minimal in my opinion. I went with Godaddy.com. They charge 4.99 a month for Wordpress hosting. I already owned my domain name which I purchased for about 9.00 for the year and you are more than welcome to choose a free theme. But I did purchase one.

If you are not tech savvy I would suggest paying someone to do it for you because it can be a bit overwhelming.
Thanks for your input!
Hi Ann! I switched from Blogger to wordpress because you can create many pages and wordpress has a plugin call all in one seo pack that will help you drive more traffic to your site.
Word Press With A Punch

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I switched from Blogger to Wordpress.com a few months ago and never looked back. I only lasted on Wordpress.com for a few months before I switched to Wordpress.org for all the reasons listed above. It is awesome, looks very professional, and has SO many great features.
I've used both in the past. I'm just sticking with blogger at the moment. Only downside to it is it's hard to come across nice templates and such...
For an example of a self-hosted WP site, take a look at ours and tell us what you think! http://russianparent.com/en .
Very nice. Is this a custom theme?

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