At the beginning I got really stressed out because no one was following me...and I seemed to forget why I actually started.
I just really wanted to express myself, let the world know that I existed and most importantly, VENT!

Why get all stressed out? I just want to do what I love doing,expressing myself.If it's about the kids, the messy house or just some funny pic I came across while surfing.

Why do we get stressed out when we find that we're not getting enough attention from the busy outside world.

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"A lot of blogs though NEED "followers" if they have giveaways. I just made a giveaway blog (seperate from my personal) and know that the more followers you have and the more traffic you get, the more products you get to give away! So Im sure thats why a lot of bloggers are so concerned!"



This is why! The more followers you have, the more companies there are that will allow Reviews and Giveaways on your blog *and the better the prizes are*. If you only have 10 followers no company is going to send you their product for free, pay for shipping and send another product for free to the winner and pay for that shipping too, Just so 10 people can hear about their company/products.


Luvin My Lil Monkeys


Product Reviews and Giveaways are fun and they do lure in people looking for a FREEBIE. The question is, what is your blogs complete focus? Is your blog just a Freebie site? Coupon Site? Product Reviews and Giveaways? People have their own agenda of why they follow and why they don't.

If you want to add other stuff to get "ACTUAL" readers, then try adding other subjects to your blog that might not be so Giveaway focused. It's ok to host a giveaway once a month, but all the time is OVERKILL if your not careful. Do you want people to visit your blog because they love what you have to say or only because they are getting some FREEBIE?  I don't see anything wrong with a giveaway here and there, because it gives people something fun to look forward to when you have other content that is from you and not "canned" from some product or giveaway.  

Eventually it gets old and they will simply find another blog "LIKE YOURS" offering the same stuff. Be different, but don't over do it.



Hi! I started blogging in 2007, but stopped for awhile because I got frustrated with the number of followers I had. In 2010, I started blogging again. I made a lot of ways on how to increase my followers:coerced my family and friends, gave tons of giveaways, sent gifts, name it. I'm a non-earning blogger (as of the moment), the only goal I have is to reach 500 followers. So far I have 332, I think, please help me reach the 500 target by being one: THANKS!

When you were in High School, why did you want the designer jeans (or insert other stereotypical high school desire here)? Because it was a mark of being "cool."


If you have a blog with a ton of GFC (Google Friend Connect) followers (or whatever program you use), it is like a blog tattoo that says "Oh yeah, she's popular."


Does this mean you're a better blogger? No. Does it even mean that you're getting that much more traffic? Maybe, but maybe no. Does it mean that you're a phenomenal writer or that you are making any money... not really.


It is status. And although we all know that off-brand jeans and brand name jeans are both JUST JEANS, it doesn't stop us from wanting the label. :)

I think having followers doesn't mean a thing. I've got about eighty on, but if I'm lucky I have about 4 visitors a day! It's really frustrating, and I am posting daily.


So I've concluded Followers are much overrated.

Great question.  Not sure I have an answer except to feel special to someone somewhere.

I LOVE this post.....particularly because I'm going through this right now! I can't stop wondering why the heck I can't get any followers. I have quite a few people who will stop by and read, but don't comment or follow! =(

I'll get over it and get where you are....hopefully! ;-)

I would love to increase my readership as well. I am finding it a bit difficult. I do like coming on to the site and reading other blogs.  I have found some great blogs. I normally keep track of the blogs that I join and try to comment on them at least once every other week until I just never hear from them.  I love having tons of blogs to read and respond too.



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