I'm a blogger newbie and noticed that some moms use aliases for their children and others don't. Should I? I don't on my blog. I simply never really thought about it until I started reading other mom blogs. Why do you or don't you use an alias for your child?

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I don't use an alias on my blog. I just say my daughter or son and give their ages. However, I have written a book - a memoir and an article in our local paper came out a few years ago and I use an alias for them there. I adopted my children from foster care and I want to protect them. Not sure why others use it except to say I think it is better to use an alias than not.




I do because you just never know!  I also don't post many pictures of my kids on my blog because I've heard too many stories of pictures being stolen.  They are my precious angels and I'm trying to protect them!

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