I'm a blogger newbie and noticed that some moms use aliases for their children and others don't. Should I? I don't on my blog. I simply never really thought about it until I started reading other mom blogs. Why do you or don't you use an alias for your child?

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In light of this discussion about internet safety and privacy I thought it would be worth letting everybody know about about The State Attorneys General “Internet Safety Technical Task Force”'s recent report about safety issues related to the internet. It was called “Enhancing Child Safety and Online Technologies”.

I have already commented to this post saying that I personally take a reasonable amount of precaution by keeping my kids' identities private, but it isn't because I have any illusion that the internet is an exceptionally high risk environment. The State Attorneys General report supports that view. Not to personally plug, but to keep from starting a whole unrelated discussion on this post I recommend you read the report I linked to above and/or my post about it at http://tinyurl.com/cb6v77.
I want to thank everyone for your comments. I've found all of your responses and rationale for using an alias quite eye-opening. I've decided to adopt pseudonyms for my family members. I've posted my line of thinking for this decision on my blog. I think all the reasons pointed out in this discussion are valid. Although I must admit that some are not applicable to my situation, I do not disagree that they are appropriate for you and your blog. Thanks again for your thoughts. Happy and safe blogging everyone.
I don't use my children's names because I don't want them to be googleable and I'm concerned about privacy, but I don't like the idea of aliases because it was hard enough to come up with one set of names, lol. So I call them clever things like "my son" and "my daughter" on my blog. Well, I call my son "young ladrinka", but, you know, with a sense of irony.
Like Angeline said I do use my children's names on my personal blog that is intended for friends and family. My other blog has a much wider audience. I started using my daughter's nickname on that one at first, but eventually gave up and only use her first name.
I'm late to the discussion (just joined today) but I use an alias for privacy reasons. I don't think my kid would be too happy later on to realize I put all his business out on the internet, along with his name! I also don't post any pictures of my little one's face. My husband really objects to this so I don't. I wish I felt more comfortable doing it, though - he's so cute!
I don't purposely try to hide anyone's real names on my blog. I use their nicknames. If you read or look through my blog carefully you are bound to find everyone's real names. I rather use nicknames for originality purposes. :)

Buzzy's Mama
It's cute that some of your friends and family now call your children by their aliases. The pseudonyms I ended up picking for my boys were nicknames that one good family friend uses from time to time to refer to the boys: Little Dude and Littler Dude.
A little late chiming in here, too, but I used pseudonyms to protect their privacy - though I've already changed one of their nicknames once out of concern that he'd object to being called "Little Guy" 10 years down the road.

Now, that might seem strange since I blog under my own name, but my last name and theirs are different. And I never reveal our hometown, only a geographic area. I'm currently wrestling with the latter, because the geographic area is about to become an integral part of our story.

I'm not so much concerned about predators or family as I am their potential embarrassment 10 years down the road should classmates google them and mention how they had trouble learning to go potty because they wanted to be alone. I'm kinda of thinking that would not be cool among the teen crowd.

I do it not only to keep them safe, but if I use their real names then all of my expat friends will know I'm the one blogging about them. Then I won't get invited to events anymore..and then I won't have excellent dish to blog about!!
I use aliases for my children, myself & my hubby because my URL contains our last name (by accident & I couldn't/ didn't know how to change it). I also don't name our town, school or other indentifing info. I guess I just do it for safety reasons because I do post a lot of pictures. I really started it because my son & baby daughter have nicknames so I just gave everyone one. My friends & family know what everyone's alias is & it works well for us.
I use an alias for my children as a safety precaution. There are crazies out there that stlk children. And I have some darn. cute. kids!
I also do it for safty reasons. I never use my childrens names anywhere on the WWW. They are always refered to by the first letter in their name. My oldest is old enough to read my blog and I wouldn't want her to be embarassed by anything I write about her. This way no one knows who she is. Also there are so many people out there who aren't right in the head. It makes me very nervous for my childrens safty. I refer to my husband as Hunnie because that's what I call him. Other than that I'm pretty honest with names but never a last name always just the first of adults.



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