I started my site about a month ago, and since my book is being released I am holding a giveaway but only have one entry. (Well I am just beginning.) It's a little embarrassing, so if you join my giveaway I will join yours back.:) Free stuff is always good!

1st prize: A signed copy of my book In the Beginning ($15.00 plu) plus Solid Gold Membership ($5.00)
2nd prize: My ebook plus Solid Gold Membership ($5.00)

You can join here. http://readitin7days.com/2010/07/12/giveaway/. Simply sign up and comment.

Ends July 16th.

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I joined your site to join the giveaway, but it won't let me comment unless I join word press too. If that is a feature you could disable, I think that would help you a lot.
Join my giveaway and feel free to leave a link to yours when you comment.
Ah thanks, I fixed that! Yeah, that might explain some things.^^'. I will get to yours now.

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