"Won't you be my friend?" :-) Adding friends on MBC

Hello - My name is Katy. I joined MBC this week and I am loving it, however, I am finding a little challenging to understand what "friending" people is. I know that means different things on different sites. Could someone explain what it is here? There are so many wonderful women on this site; and I want to be able to connect with those who share the same interests as I do and perhaps learn a thing or 2.


Let me tell you a tiny bit about me: I love movies - long story, short. I want to work in the movie business. Wrote a couple of scripts, watched a lot of movies, then realized I should be reviewing movies and sharing my thoughts. VIOLA! The blog is born: http://www.tiredofpreviews.com 


The name of my blog is simple. I see a lot of movies and with that comes previews. Previews today show WAY TOO MUCH and they almost ruin some movies for us viewers. So I review a movie and pretty much let you know if it is good or bad - in my own unique way - without spoiling the story.


Another piece of history: I am a mother of 2. We adopted our children from foster care over 4 years ago. I am married to a wonderful man - going on 15 years and we live in sunny Florida - yes, I know the farthest state away from Hollywood. But a girl can dream, right?


I hope you stop by and check out my blog. Also, if you want to be friends and tell me a bit about yourself and your blog - I AM ALL EARS (or should I say eyes?)




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