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I have been blogging for awhile but I have just recently started promoting my blog and trying to get more traffic etc....  I have seen so many comments about starting out on blogger as a big mistake.  I have found information on switching to wordpress my biggest problem is you cannot advertise on wordpress, so how do you make any money with a wordpress blog?


I would really love some help and insight into this. 


Thanks so much,



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You cannot advertise on a Wordpress.COM blog, but using a self-hosted Wordpress.ORG blog, you most certainly can. There are no limits to a Wordpress.ORG blog. They're not free (you have to pay for hosting and your domain) but it's absolutely worth it if you ask me.


I can help you get switched over if you decide to go that route. Check out for prices and details. :)

I have had no issues with blogger and earn about $100 a month in advertising (mainly text links).  One day I may move to WP but I'm too lazy to do so right now!

Lindsay is right, you can advertise any way you want on a self hosted wordpress blog. You own it, there are no restrictions, the design options are endless, and it just totally rocks :) You'll love it.


If you switch, here are a few places that are the easiest to get started with to earn some extra money. They're the 3 I started with, and still use today, along with many others.


Escalate Media: Super user friendly, amazing customer service guys. Escalate Media Sign Up.

MySavings: Great, name brand type offers. MySavings Sign Up.

Logical Media: Not quite as user friendly, but some great offers to share. Locical Media Sign Up.


Hope those help you a little :) Also, on my blog, Sunshine and Sippy Cups, I'm starting a new series with tips for bloggers, like how to earn income from your blog, how to host giveaways, how to get products to test out for reviews, etc. It will start on Monday, so check it out if you're interested! I'm still a new blogger, but think I have a lot of helpful info to share!

Meagan-  Thank you so much, that helps a lot!

Hi, Jami :)

Yes, you can use AdSense on your self-hosted wordpress blog. And no, Google AdSense is definitely not spammy :) First of all, Google is a company worth $190 billion (and that's like... alot :) )!  And they do not make spammy stuff (no, they really don't) :) As a matter of fact, Google AdSense is considered to be one of the most productive ways for bloggers to earn cash online by having relevant and contextual (not to mention unobtrusive) ads and receiving a percentage of the PPC (or pay per click) payment.

It is quite simple and free to join AdSense -

1. Visit Google Adsence

2. Submit the application form

3. Google will verify your blog and send you a confirmation :)

A word of advice... A good rule of thumb is to always have at least ten high-quality 500 word articles with images (you can even insert youtube videos) BEFORE applying. :)

If you have more questions I will be happy to help.



Sour Cherry

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Hi, Lindsay :)

Many say that Google likes self-hosted Wordpress blogs more than Blogger, but there's actually no proof of this claim.

There are many successful blogspot blogs - such as If It's Hip It's Here (this is not my blog) that generate a lot of revenue (we are talking several thousands of dollars per month) And Google AdSense is their biggest money maker. 


If you want to switch to self-hosted wordpress blog there are a couple of things you should know first.

First of all, you need hosting. Check out Blue Host. I like them mainly because they have the thing called the 'One Click Wordpress Install'. So, they are very user-friendly and great for absolute beginners.

Second, you need to buy a domain. So go to GoDaddy and buy a domain. Since .com is already taken, get .net  (I've just checked it - it's not taken) :)

 Next, you should transfer your blogspot blog to your new website :) There are many tutorials on how to do that - I've used this tutorial: The New Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress   


If you have more questions I will be happy to help.



Sour Cherry

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