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Would You Give a Pre-School Teacher a $1700 Designer Handbag for Christmas?

Some moms in my bookclub think this an appropriate gift and that if all the mothers in my daughter's pre-school class here in Paris chip in 100 euros each we can buy the bag.

I think it's disgusting really. Especially during a recession. Should I be expected to chip in for a Cartier diamond necklace when my daughter graduates from high school?

I'd rather give the teacher the cash, but still, expecting moms to chip in 100 euros for a Xmas gift seems a bit much. Whatever happend to candles and chocolates?

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If 100 Euros actually equals about $7.50, that's a reasonable amount to spend, but a designer handbag? That seems a bit ludicrous. In the region of the US where I live, in public schools, I'm lucky to get a $5 gift card from a few students. Actually, I'm lucky to get a coffee mug or a holiday card! I think any teacher would appreciate any acknowledgment of his/her efforts.

My first reaction was that it was ludicrous, until I read the exchange rate. 100 of anything sounds like a lot to us in the US.
1 euro is currently equal to about $1.30, so 100 euros can't possibly be equal to $7.50.
never in a million years, I wouldn't even buy one that pricey for my self and I do treat myself to some good stuff.
Nope, I don't even spend $1700 on gifts for my children. This year, I treated myself to a new bike (which was a combo gift for both Christmas and my birthday), which wasn't even half as much as this.
ya I think that is out of control...
How much money is this in US dollars?
thats completely inappropriate, if I were the teacher I would be uncomfortable, it would almost make me think it was a bribe of some sort! and with the $ doing so poorly, isn't a hundred euros more like $125.00 dollars right now? although I really like Sage Mcgreen's conversion calculations better! :)

Shes your child's teacher for gosh sakes, not... I can't think of anyone I'd feel comfortable spending that much (total) money on = except maybe.... me! .... nah, not even me, I could get a lot more bang out of the buck than one purse!
This sounds incredibly excessive. Maybe I am just too darn midwestern, but my kids teachers get Scholastic book money to buy books for their classrooms.

At my sons' school they have a service learning philosophy and request no gifts for teachers or classmates at all; they request that any monies you would have spent on gifts be donated to their chosen charity (they make sandwiches for a homeless shelter once a month and they use the donations to buy supplies). It certainly takes the pressure off. I can't resist spending a little extra so the teachers can pick out books though, because a person can always find money for books, right?

Does the preschool have guidelines or limits for gifts? I know as a nurse I would never accept anything with real monetary value (it is unethical), but always loved it when patients or family members would make me pot holders, ornaments, etc as gifts.
IMOH, no way.... I don't know the teacher, but I would think she would feel taken back as well as, any parent(s) who weren't in on the gift and gave another type of gift. Ummmm, how about a gift certificate to a teacher' store for that amount so she could buy supplies for her classroom ;-) I'm agreeing w/ Rae Ann....(just read your thought)
I cannot imagine that the teacher would even want such a gift. Who came up with this idea a handbag salesperson?

I've been put into a situation where I was asked to chip in for a gift that I felt was I got the person a totally different gift instead. I don't know or care if she liked their gift better than mine, I just couldn't chip in for their gift.

I love the suggestions that the others have said about giving the teacher a gift card for supplies or even to get herself something that she wants, because really you only need so many sets of bath bubbles.
Well I certainly would not want to buy a $1700 hand bag for a pre-school teacher, but I would LOOOOOVE to BE that pre-school teacher!!!


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