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At 11:39pm on October 30, 2011, Courteney Lacey gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
At 11:14pm on October 30, 2011, Abby Billings gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
At 10:24pm on October 30, 2011, Megan Dunham gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
Thanks so much for the warm welcome! We're definitely gearing up for some costumed candy fun tomorrow! Hope you all have a great day as well!
At 9:43pm on October 30, 2011, Terri Shaw gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
Thank you! That was so nice... :)
At 9:30pm on October 30, 2011, Lena Renee Blair gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
Thank you so much, that was very thoughtful and made me feel very welcome here.
At 9:00pm on October 30, 2011, Margaret Damon gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
At 8:39pm on October 22, 2011, Linda James gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
Thanks for the gift, good to see you on here :)
At 11:00pm on October 17, 2011, Kristen gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
At 4:47pm on October 17, 2011, Charlotte Varner gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
At 10:53pm on October 16, 2011, Edith Logan gave Mëlissa Bakër a gift
I am always up in the air about what exactly to blog about but this week I am definitely focused on giving thanks and peace as well as doing a bit of shopping. So be sure to drop by.




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