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Since I have 3 boys I get asked this question all of the time. I blogged about it recently (here it is if you want to read it) So I thought I'd ask you guys.. As mom's to boys, do you wish for a girl?

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My first was a boy and I really, really wanted a girl "for me." Luckily, everything worked out and my second was a girl. But I would have been happy with two boys, too. However, it is wonderful having a girl to do girly mom/daughter things.
I have three sons and love them all (isn't that always how we preface this discussion???) I was never disappointed with having another boy because it was easier and they have someone to play with , and I had all the "stuff"...but I will always long for a daughter.

I was a peace with the outcome before we ever became pregnant because we tried to have girls, but we couldn't concieve, so we had to make a decision - continue trying to have a girl or try to have a BABY. We obviously chose the second and jumped in with both feet from the beginning. It really helped me and there was never any disappointment.

I will probably always wish for a daughter, but it doesn't diminish what I have with my sons.
Of course I'd welcome a girl into my family with my whole heart, but I admit, while I was pregnant with my son, I had REALLY wanted a boy. I feel guilty about it, still, even if I still don't have a little girl, but I had grown up with boys and I had been such a horrible :P daughter. LOL. I felt like I didn't know how to handle girls and boys seemed much more manageable (little did I know...)
I posted about this back in the begining of March. I just love looking at all those cute little girly clothes whenever I am shopping for my boys. After being blessed with two boys I would have loved to have a girl but with our busy life it is just not going to happen unless our life gets less busy in a few more years when the boys are older.
I'm afraid of having a girl! I was a nightmare, so I always wanted a boy and I was so happy to be blessed with one. I hope our next one is a boy too, but of course I will be crazy about my girl if she shows up...I'm still crossing my fingers for another boy though!
I have mixed feelings. I have the 2 boys now and they are actually really cool kids. I have so much fun with them since I am not a girly girl. I do have moments when I want a girl but then again I think about the teenage years and that passes really fast. I do have to say my 4yr old wants a sister and was pissed when I told him the baby (1 now) was a boy. I still hear almost daily how he wants a sister and he never wanted a brother. I think he would trade his brother for a sister in a heartbeat. Who knows because he is protective of him when we are out around other people. I want to try for a girl one day but then I think what happens if its a boy? Do we keep trying? Will I be disapointed, because the oldest will. What kind of way is that to bring a child in this world. Who knows maybe we can talk about adoption.
I do want a girl, but it isn't a HUGE deal...I have a boy name picked out too in case #3 is also a boy (and I'm not even pregnant).
I love having two boys. When I think of wanting a girl it is for selfish reasons, like to have someone who wants to do crafts with me.
For some reason I have always pictured myself the mom of four boys. So far I have two boys, so I guess I still have some work to do to get to that four boy goal.

I am the oldest of three girls, so I do find it interesting that I would like to raise boys. If I had a girl I would be happy and love her to pieces, but I just have a hard time imagining myself as the mother of a girl.
I've had a girl name picked out for years, since before we were married, back in college! But each baby turned out to be a boy. Which I love more than anything, wouldn't trade any of them. But I do still want a girl. Caught between giving up (most likely) and seeing if we're brave enough to try again (either bio or adopt).
I sometimes worry that I will miss out on a great mother daughter relationship like my mother and I have, but I also do not want to go through all of the rebellious stages that I put my mother through! My two boys keep me busy enough and fill the house with love!
Nancy..I get asked that all the time//People seem to pity me when I'm out with my brood.. To be honest .. my husband wants to try for a girl but.....Im starting to treally love Legos and trucks..LOL Natalee my blog please girls
I'm new to this group and I only have one boy, but if I had my choice, I'd have more boys. I grew up in a household of 5 girls (3 sisters, 1 mom) and my dad. So, when I found out I was having a boy I wasn't sure I would know what to do. My son is only two, but he's been a blast. Would love to have him have a brother one day.


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