As a result of caller ID and my constant nagging, my daughter doesn't always answer my calls.

This is a new development in our changing relationship now that she's at college. The first few months we called each other all the time.

But after the Christmas break she had had enough of me "reminding" her to do things. She's right of course. She won't learn independence with me reminding her of things every day!

So she called us on Sunday and that was the first I had spoken to her in a few weeks. This young woman is getting more like me every day...yikes!

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"Progress" with our kids is so difficult and strange. We want the best for them and from them ...and then when they start to sound like us the bells go off...and it's hard to handle. I can relate.

Our son was home this weekend, he's 2 years out of college and working in Boston, and he was johnny-on-the-spot helping with dishes, asking if he could help with dinner, etc. Yes, it was terrific have him participating in home life - I also 'heard' the nagging I did during his December visit. ... He heard me! He heard me....

My husband told to me to relax and enjoy it. We did. And we had a couple of thoughtful discussions while he was home. The house is so quiet today. Miss him.
Oh yes, I know that deal with not answering the phone. My daughter is in her 3rd year of college but when she calls me, God forbid I don't answer the phone. I learned very early on that me reminding her do things doesn't go over very well. Granted my daughter goes to school on the west coast and I'm here on the east coast so I just worry a little more about silly things cause I can't get their that fast if she does need me. But she seems to handle her independence pretty well and I am very proud of her and how she has grown since beginning college. This past year we started chatting on the web cam which is great cause I can get a sneak peek at her room to see if she is keeping it in good shape. Which thankfully when she's out there she's a neat nick. Boy now if she would only be that way when she's home for the summer!




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