I have been wondering how to make myself stand out, away from the stereotypical "mom blog" who does reviews/giveaways. I don't have anything against those types of blogs, I just prefer to write. 


Anyone have any tips to stand out as a blog looking for readers not followers?







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I think you just do what your doing. Write.  I sometimes wonder why people read certain blogs and other blogs I think why aren't more people reading this blog.  I guess you first have to decide what it is you want from your blog do you want 5000 followers then you may have to rethink the readers verses followers. This coming from a small time blog writer, that loves to just write, it always feels great when someone comments but even when they don't I have a place to just pour out my thoughts.  This past year or so it has been invaluable to have that outlet as we dealt with some pretty tough life stuff.  So I can handle being small time. So my advice would be just to go back in your mind to why you started blogging did you have goals?  Was there something you wanted to accomplish with your blog?  Of course, as time goes on sometimes a blog starts for one reason and changes over time.  I think readers just want you to be you, they don't want a carbon copy of some other blogger. So I have rambled on and I am not sure I really answered your question. - Cheryl




What Cheryl said. Just write. My blog is small and still fairly new. I will do reviews and giveaways, but my blog is my home when it comes to parenting my girls. :)

I know what you mean. I just started a new blog, deleted my old one, got rid of all my followers, and every blog I was following, it was too cluttered with blogs I don't even read. Everyone is entitled to blog about whatever they want to, but I really only enjoy the personal blogs that are just about everyday life. If that is what you're interested in, follow my blog, and if that is what you're about, I'll follow yours. :)



I have followers that seem to identify with what I write and a bunch of readers that don't seem to want to 'follow' but read quite regularly.  I try not to review anything or do giveaways b/c I feel that attracts people looking to get something for free and reviewing something I got for free is just selling my space.  Maybe that will all make more sense when/if you read my blog.  I write from the heart about my thoughts and what matters to me and it just flows. 

I can tell you that your post on MBC already pulled me in and I'm going to check out your blog. Same goes for the moms who replied to your post.  I really enjoy like-minded writers who write from the heart so I've got a few blogs to check out now :) Good luck in whatever you decide to do.






I am the same way, I want readers not followers. I know what I look for in a great blog is content and writing style. I love story telling and kid stories especially.




Just be relatable; I always save blogs that make me smile or go "OMG I KNOW" It's good to feel like I'm not the only one with the same stumbling blocks or hangups



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