If you mainly are a parent blog about your family, you can post your blog here. Find two other blogs on here and ask to exchange link between the three of you. Do not exchange with the same blog that will be linking yours! Find three more and do the same.

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I have a personal/family blog - its a mishmash but this seems like the best place to post - http://actingbalanced.blogspot.com
I Have a blog about family friendly products and family related ideas.

My blog is a mom blog where I write about my family and do product reviews also.

I have a personal/family blog.

Hi there, I am a mom of 6 year old twins. I don't write so much about parenting, but about the things that can inspire us as moms and women in general. The little blessings in life we miss out on in our hectic lives and that can make such a difference. I love life and I love living it out loud on my blog at

http://LotsOfLittleBlessings.blogspot.com .

So let's exchange links....
I just put you link on my blog at http://LotsOfLittleBlessings.blogspot.com and I am also following you now!! Great blog!!
I just added your link to my blogs' favorites at http://LotsOfLittleBlessings.blogspot.com . I am also following your blog now!! I love your winter pictures on your blog!!

My blog is about wooden toys, parenting and child care.

This is my link http://www.educational-wooden-toys.net
Hello backlinkers...my blog, www.MommyLiteOnline.com, is a parenting humor blog. Why Lite'N up? Parenting is hard...if you don't have a sense of humor, you'll never survive. "Mommy Lite" is bite-sized humor to lighten your spirit, remind you that childhood is short, and that you were that stupid once too. Hope to hear from...um...anyone....thanks! Sarah
Veronica, I'm putting your link on my site! Best, Sarah
Hi Sabine, I went to check out your blog - love it. I'm putting your button on my site at www.MommyLiteOnline.com. I don't really know how this backlinking stuff works, but I'll let the other people I picked know you're on my site. Hopefully, someone will grab my button soon...(It's been so long...ha ha...) Best, Sarah @ Mommy Lite


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