Please be aware what a backlink is before going forward. I have written an  article about backlinking here:


After you know what backlinking is, find the discussion that lists your blog topic. Post your blog link or links under the proper discussion and follow the directions.

Check back often for new blogs to exchange with.

If your blog topic is not listed, please let me know!

Sorry this took so long!


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My blogs:
Personal life, parenting, reviews, contests
Just product reviews
Starting a blog,templates,working from home, mommy blogging
dog art blog, dogs, pets, animals
Foodie blog
Great idea, Tess!

My blog is

TheBusyChick.Com. Description: This blog offers, fun, quick, easy-to-read mini-articles on beauty and fashion for Busy Chicks on the go.
I have two blogs- Tara's View of the World is a general mommy blog with a lot of photography, news about my daily life, tons of reviews and giveaways.

Tara's View on Books is a book review and giveaway blog.
I'm reposting this, because the blog link might not be evident in the post earlier... :)

Mamahood, Among Other Things…
- Mostly about life in Hong Kong, with two young children --the challenges, kids' talk, interesting places, food, etc. Personal blog, plenty of photos and the occasional cute video. :)

Kiddie Treasures
- Reviews of products/services that have made my parenting job easier and more fun.
Hi, My blog is about frugal living,money saving tips and deals, meal planning, and ways to give back.
I'm eager to join in the fun.
I have 2 blogs... one for recipes/cooking tips and another is my photography blog.

Thanks for starting this group! is my site, this sounds like a great ideal.....My blog is about living a normal life with challenges of MS and family!
Could not leave a comment, it did not give me room to put in the word, at the bottom. Just letting you know, I tried to leave a comment!
I'm blogging behind my retail site to announce new personalized jewelry designs, new personalized product announcements for mommy, baby and gifts, sales offers, giveaways and follower discounts that can be used on my web site! You'll also instantly see what affordable jewelry designs are currently featured on my Etsy site and my latest tweets right on my blog. Don't miss this fun time! You can follow my blog at

Thanks, Tess!

Dawn Crowder
Jewelry Designer, Shop Owner, Blogger, and Bizzy Mommy of Two
My blog is I do custom jewelry and post new things I am doing as well as giveaways.
I'm happy to be a part of this effort!
Hi Tess

My blog is Its about all sorts of things - design and creating, farm and family, what's happening in the jewellery world and gemstone information but mostly general chat on fairly random subjects!

book blogging, Gadgets, and Mom life being a geek!


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