Please be aware what a backlink is before going forward. I have written an  article about backlinking here:


After you know what backlinking is, find the discussion that lists your blog topic. Post your blog link or links under the proper discussion and follow the directions.

Check back often for new blogs to exchange with.

If your blog topic is not listed, please let me know!

Sorry this took so long!


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Great Idea Tess! -- Moms Online Money Makers focuses on sharing no risk opportunities to make money online with survey sites, paid to clicks, writing sites, cash back shopping, etc. -- Ehow Articles by Bestmommy deals specifically with the happenings on and can be interesting for anyone who writes online and would like to learn more about the ehow site.

Thanks for doing this!
Just let me know what's next.
Hi Tess!

I´ve got 2 blogs. The first; is about my life as a mum to 4 kids, about yoga, photography, nature, scrapbooking... I also wright about how it is to be a mum who suffers from chronical pain. And if there´s something i want to wright about, I do! :)

My second blog; is in finnish. A lot of photography, thoughts about life, nature, scrapbooking, crafts, poems...
I think this is a great group & I could really use some more traffic & followers...

Blog : Crazy & Loved-->Single Mommy of 3 Under 5 actual url

Topics: parenting, single parenting, movie review, product reviews, school (college), finances, guest posts, cooking, recipes, shopping, books (children & adult), giveaways, children, daily life activities, vacations, & anything else that may be considered a part of single mommy life!
Hi Everyone,

My blog is about parenting, family, pets - life. I try to make it funny!

Please add me to the group. Thank you.
My site is a coupon, savings blog
Short On Cents is a frugal living blog I teach you how to get things for FREE or little out of pocket from major retailers by simply using coupons everyday. I also do giveaways, reviews, and just about everything. Join Me you will be amazed.
I have several blogs but I'll start with one for now. Just the Right Spice is a foodie blog.
Take It From Me ( - Reviews & Giveaways
Hi! I would like to be listed in the parenting category:

Dagmar's momsense -

Opinionated, green, frugal, attachment parenting, breastfeeding mom making sense of motherhood and social media!

Hello My name is Ethel. I blog about my life with my 2 girls. I also do product reviews and giveaways.
Luv My Two Girls
Sweet Businesses focuses on social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon) and how to use it to drive traffic to your blog. Here is my url:

Here is the topic that most closely fits:

Work at home-how to blogs:


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