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Is anyone else out there currently pumping? I have had so much trouble since I returned to work (when my son was nearly 5 weeks) with pumping and maintaining an adequate supply. Just wondering if I'm the only one on that issue! I did write a huge list on my blog of every single tip I've seen, received or found to help with supply issues, but I still am not driving any traffic with it. Oh well, it's mostly just to help others!

Before I had my son, I had only had 1 acquaintance and 0 friends who had pumped at work, so it was very awkward for me. Now that my son is 6 months old, it's a lot easier! Do you have any funny pumping at work stories?

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I only work one day a week for 2 or 3 hours so not I do not pump at work but I have had issues with my supply being low so I think I can help you there. The things I am currently taking are Mothers milk tea by Traditional Medicinals and More Milk drops by Motherlove. They have been working good till about a week or so ago. I feel like I am empty by the end of the day and my little one struggles to get enough before bed. I will be trying oatmeal cookies next. Word around the campfire is they are really good for upping your supply. You could try Fenugreek. That works for most women but it can cause some side effects. I suffered from bad head aches and it upset my babies tummy. That is all I can say For I have only tried those. There is a great website called Breastfeeding.com You sign up and it has forums just like this but there is much more traffic and lots of mothers with same issues and they even have a lactation consultant on every Tuesday and Thursday night I believe. I am on that site and have gotten all of my best advice from them. Good luck sweetie and I hope to see you on the breastfeeding.com forums my screen name on that site is sweetbabs.
Oatmeal helps, and I have taken Fenugreek supplements as well (I've done a host of things to help, I have a huge list!), but the latest thing I have heard is anything high in fiber helps. I've actually heard of some moms taking fiber supplements to increase supply!

I'm really not worried about my supply anymore, I'm content with what I've got and stressing over it just makes it worse, but really just wanted to meet other pumping moms! It's a world of it's own, you know!
I'm still pumping, my son is 10 months old. I'm not pumping NEARLY as much as when I first started but I'm only guessing it's because his needs are changing. At first, when I started back to work, I was getting 20 ounces a day pumping 3x a day. Now I'm down to just pumping 1x a day and I get about 4 ounces. I'm still sending 6-7 ounces with him but I have such a supply that it should be able to last me. He only gets one bottle while he's away from me and the 2nd drink is whole milk.

I really don't have too many funny stories ... except one time the bag broke while I was pumping and the milk spilled everywhere! I use those Medela Pump & Save bags that attach right to the shields :)
Wow 20 ounces! Way to go mama! I have seen tons of posts in other places about so many funny pumping stories, but I don't have any either! Glad I'm not the only one! I know when I dropped a bottle once, it was more terrifying than funny, because everything that was going in my head was - "Dive for it, woman! Your son needs that! It took you HOW long to make that?!" Luckily, the bottle barely let any go. I haven't tried those bags, but I use the Medela bottles. I actually use one Medela bottle and another off-brand bottle when I pump, because I pour the two together (I told you I don't get much!), and the Medela bottles have a big shoulder on them that keep some milk in - every last drop is like gold, so I use the other bottle without a shoulder to make sure I get as much as possible into the bottle.
Hi Joanna,

I pumped at work from the time my son was 4 months until he was 15 months. I pumped 4X per day when he was little and then gradually less and less until I was only pumping once per day when he was 15 months old. I wrote an article compiling all of my tips that I learned along the way. You can see it here: http://www.pumpingtips.com
Cool! I'm not actually looking for tips, as I've done compiling of my own, but I am interested in hearing your stories from the days when you were (or if you still are!) pumping! Here's my list of tips.
I pumped until my son was 13 months. I never had supply issues. My son wasn't a good bottle takes so I ened up with a huge surplus so I donated it a couple of times. I do drink TONS of water, so I really think that helped. I usually pumped 3 times a day, at least in the beginning, then 2 later on. I would pump for several minutes after the milk stopped. Somtimes you will have a second letdown if you wait long enough. I have heard that vanilla is supposed to help your supple to, so eat some vanilla ice cream!
I've been pumping at work since September. My little boy is 8 months. I feel like I've been lucky with my supply - haven't had to supplement with formula at all. I'm almost exclusively pumping (now that he has teeth!) and I only nurse a few times a week - if that. No funny stories to share - sorry. But I did enjoy the list of tips. I hadn't heard the oatmeal thing - I'll have to try that!
i am pumping @ work...I've actually gone through 2 pumps in 9 weeks, but luckily I work for a breastfeeding/maternity boutique that is owned by a lactation consultant so we have pumps there that I can use - I just have to have my own tubes and such. It's been hard though as I can only pump when I'm at work so I don't have the supply I would like to have...I'm thinking about pumping twice to not only build up a supply but to increase my milk.

It's all new to me. My son is only 11 weeks old and I've only had this job for 2....but I feel lucky to work in such a great environment for what I am going through....



I'd recommend fenugreek and make sure you have enough protein in your diet. The fenugreek needs to be taken for at least a few days before you see results. Its also not just about making enough milk, its also about making sure its the richest for your baby (thats where the protein comes into play). 


I also wrote a blog about coconut water and all the benefits for nursing mothers that has. Check it out.


Best of luck! Props to you for keeping at it. 






I feel your pain! I absolutely hate pumping but my 10 month has been refusing to nurse for over a month. I've been trying to keep my supply up with every trick in the book. If you ever need to talk feel free to chat with me. =)





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