Safety Tips to Prevent Your Dream Pool from Becoming a Nightmare

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Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

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Every day it becomes easier and easier to hack websites, blogs, home networks, and phones. Nothing seems to be immune from malicious digital attacks, but you can make it harder for them to get in. 

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I've been researching and seem to find that the U.S. blogs have a much bigger following than Canadian blogs.

Anyone think differently?

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It's quite possible, all my blogs & sites are .com domains hosted on US servers, even the one hosted with a CDN company I discovered. I don't publish CDN specific content or publicize that I'm CDN either as most of my income comes from the US.

There are so many more people in the US so that maybe a factor.
Well of the ones I know are popular, most are US but there are TONS of blogs out there and TONS of popular blogs out there and I think we may just not have found those popular Canadian ones yet.
In the U.S. there are sites like this one ,blogher , et al which supports and promotes the blogging community.
In Canada , what do we have ?
Every political colour of the rainbow blog communities,commercial blogs like where bloggers are invited but only a select few have the opportunity to promote your blog, magazine and newspaper bloggers.
Is there a Canadian blog alternative to what we have here ?
When I type Canadian Blogs on the search engine, I get mostly U.S blogs. I checked Google search and there is practically no searches for Canadian Blogs.
I think there is a much bigger following in the US definitely with higher traffic too! I see the ones at momdot and think wow what am I doing wrong?
The Canadian mom blogs I've found with the highest following are giveaway blogs like that of my friend at Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous! Wish I knew all the secrets;)
I am so proud to be Canadian, I would hate to have to hide that on my blog to get more followers or opportunities. There has to be another way. The blogging world and the giveaway opportunities are certainly dominated by the US.
I have a giveaway blog and I find that my traffic is much higher when I sponsor a giveaway that is open to the USA as well as Canada. It takes a lot more work to promote my 'Canada only' giveaways, at the same time though I really want to highlight Canadian companies.

It would be awesome to have a PR site like 'Business to Blogger' that works exclusively with Canadian bloggers and Canadian companies. The Canadian companies I have featured have been very eager to promote their products through blogs.

I think the whole concept of Canadian blogging needs promotion. On the positive side, those of us doing it now are working with a relatively untapped market compared to the USA which is saturated with mommy bloggers!!


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