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I see all the time that there are a MILLION blogger and mom type blogger conferences and get togethers in the US....I really really think Canada needs them now.

What do you guys think?

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I agree! I feel so out of the loop and I can't afford the time and $ to travel to one in the US especially since my blog is not making me any money currently. Great idea!
I know..I would love to get some DECENT CANADIAN sponsorship for a cross Canada mom blog con..Make it either one day or two day events...have panels on blogging stuff..tech, social, marketing etc.

It would be great for more blogs in Canada to get more attention.
yes, I think we're long overdue for a Canadian blogger conference. LONG overdue.
I agree with all of you on this one. Have any of you thought of getting together to organize one?

I have been trying to talk to venues and sponsors or people who know sponsors..but I really don't have the connections...if something like MOM BLOGGERS CLUB could be behind the idea...be the main image/voice to draw THEIR sponsors etc to the idea of say..mini cons across the country...Vancouver, Winnipeg, TO, Halifax for example..with say a mini trade show and open up panel ideas to membership...something with CLOUT needs to push it...I have no 'ins' with sponsors..can't even get decent ads on my sites!

So come ON MOM BLOGGERS CLUB..talk to me!
I'm in the same place as you. I'd love to help in getting something like this going, but I'm still new and don't have the connection. I am hoping to attend the Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix this spring and perhaps can get some ideas on how to get mini-conferences going here. If the Mom Bloggers Club could be behind Canadian conferences, that would be awesome!!
I agree!!
Hey there, I'm new here! Has anyone been to one of the conferences in the US? It'd be great to hear/see first-hand what is involved in organizing one of the conferences, so we know what we're getting into! We could also see who is sponsoring them, because there are likely some companies that span North America that would be willing to sponsor a Canadian event as well. Perhaps even "borrow" some keynote speakers for the first one...
I'm offically going to Bloggy Bootcamp conference in Phoenix on May 1st now, so I'll try to find out a bit more about what would be involved in getting something going in Canada while I'm there.
I did BlogHer in 08...Can't this year with babies and no money..NY is too far and too expensive for me.

Blissdom is coming to TO this fall..cool for peeps that can go.
Again..not for a poor westerner like me

BlogHer was okay..really just okay......And the sponsors there seem to be very US centric apart. We can't even enter BlogHer giveways and contests because of the 'rules'

And really..Canada has a huge amount of amazing people who could be keynote speakers...we need Canadian voices with Canadian blogging concerns.

Marketing is different, views of blogging are a bit different....
That's cool about Blissdom coming to TO, but I'm on the west coast as well so I'll have to think about it and weight out the expenses. I agree, there are some awesome Canadian bloggers out there! And, yes, it's tough with so much of the blogging world being focussed on the US. I want my blog to have a Canadian feel to it!!

Oh, and I should have said 'Blogging Bootcamp' not 'Bloggy' in my past post ;-P
I have slowly been getting more and more interest from PR folks re products and giveaways...I have to say I say not to a lot based on their product being more US centric and therefore no interest or use to a % of my readers which are getting more canadian by the day as i FIND more Canadian bloggers..and holy cow there are a LOT of them.

So yeah..I want sponsorship that works here! No that money is the be all and end all...but I would like Cdn bloggers to have the same sort of opportunities that their US counterparts get. Flown to gigs, sponsorship, decent advertising etc.

And Nicole..you rock by the way.

I don't spend a lot of time over here and you have made it LOTS of fun with all of this!


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