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Welcome to christian mom bloggers. Please introduce your self and tell us a little bit about yourself and about your blog!

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I am Renae. I have 3 children ages 10, 4 and 2. I work at home and homeschool my schoolage children. I absolutely love being home after working outside of the home for 10 years. I recently started a blog. I love how it sort of took on it's own "life" . I am currently doing a Clean Heart Challenge this month. To see it visit:!
I am Jamie. I have four children ages 6, 4, 2, and 1. I homeschooled my daughter until just a few weeks ago, at the age of six she has entered kindergarten. My Husband did not think I could teach all four of them and it's been very hard on me to let her go to school. I recently started two blogs, one is my personal blog it is about our family's trials and triumphs as Christians and learning how to give and how to receive what God has for you. My other blog is I am starting a group called IDkids for parents of children who have Insulin Dependent Diabetes and to help educate the public about the symptoms of this disease in children. My son has Type 1 and I want to raise awareness of the symptoms so that parents and caregivers can recognize them early enough to prevent death or damage to a child from a treatable disease. Please visit so you can learn the symptoms it might save a life.

God Bless,
Welcome Jamie!
I know that homeschooling can be very hard, especially with other kids. I have done both ways of schooling and both have advantages and disadvantanges. I love your blog and your kids are adorable! I will check out your other site as well!
Have a great day!
Hey Jamie - I'm so excited to hear some of your homeschool adventures. I just started reading books on homeschooling my little man. We just started doing homeschool preschool where we learn a letter of the alphabet every week. So which of your children is insulin dependent? That must be a challenge in itself, but it sounds like you are turning a trial into a ministry.

My four year old son is insulin dependent and I do feel like God has put it on my heart to help others learn about this condition. Good luck with your son I think that it is wonderful that you want to teach him, he is a gift.
Hello everyone! My name is Angela. I have a 4 yo girl and 2 yo boy. I am married to an army veteran and I work full time in internet marketing.

I have four blogs:

Unexpected Art: A Positive Blog is about finding positive moments in everyday life.

A Fresh Perspective: A Positive PhotoBlog accompanies Unexpected Art

Link Princess is a blog about building links to your Web site (which is what I do in my professional life)

A Craft Life, A Crafter's Blog is about my passion for crafts (and my complete inability to choose just one)
Welcome Angela,
Would you mind giving us the urls for your blogs so we can check them out?
Sure, the titles are actually hyperlinked, but they are hard to see so here they are:
Welcome Trish! So nice to meet you. My aunt works with autistic preschoolers in Chicago and she tells me some amazing stories about her kids. My hat is off to you and I will pray for you! I'm sure your son is doing well, and I hope you are as well!
Hi everyone! I'm Lynnae, and I'm married with two children: a 10 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. I'm a stay-at-home mom, at least until September when my son heads off to school. Then I'm either going to blog full time or be a substitute teaching assistant. It depends how well my blog does. :)

I have two blogs. Being Frugal ( is about making the most of the resources God has given me. And Lynnae's Bookshelf ( is more my hobby blog, where I review and give away books I've read. It's mostly Christian fiction, but every once in a while I throw in some non-fiction and personal finance books.
Hi! My name is Mary, I am a mom of 4 wonderful kids, ages 15 to 24. I am a Christian, and LOVE God with all my heart! I thought this would be a fun way to get to know other mom's on the net, and perhaps even drum up some business for my new virtual assistant business I am just starting :). God bless!
Hi, I'm Dani. I have five children and I've been married for 13 years. I'm an archivist and reference librarian by day and a superhero by night (I also go by "mom" and "hon"). It's nice to meet all of you.


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