Hi ladies! I haven't seen this done in a while here, so I thought I'd start up a thread. Leave your blog link so we can follow each other and network.

My blog The Attic Girl


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Hi Ladies.... I have two blogs.

My personal blog about my relationship with Christ is http://psalm118--5.blogspot.com

My business blog is http://setfreetosucceed.blogspot.com

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to chatting with you all some more.
Here's my Blog I've recently started (it is so new but hope you start following please read my About page)Thanks!!!
Hi there, I am following you now, but somehow I could not leave a comment. Sorry,...! My blog is http://LotsOfLittleBlessings.blogspot.com !! See ya there!!
My blog is 'Lots of Little Blessings' at http://LotsOfLittleBlessings.blogspot.com . I will always follow back!!

Barbara's Bakin N Bits is the name, a little all kinds of things, from devotions to baking bread. Stop by and visit with me, the light is always on, and the door open.
The Tarr Pit

A little christian family of 3 :Mommy daddy and 10 month old:: all stuck in this tarr pit. :)

Hello everyone! I'm trying to re-connect here at the MBC and I'm looking forward to getting to know you ladies!

The Arena Update is a blog about a wide variety of things - making homemade baby food, adventures in substitute teaching (you should really check out the post from when I had to show Romeo & Juliet and there was unexpected nudity!), recipes for sneaking healthy food into your family's meals, Scrapbooking (my obsession), Project Life (a la Becky Higgins), videos, deals & steals!
Hi ladies,

My name is Margie. I'm happy that I found a Christian Blogger group.

My blog link

I just started my spiritual blog.

My blog is www.yourworldnatural.blogspot.com and I would love to get your feedback and your follow! I will follow you back. I love meeting other mom bloggers!
Want to work completely from home? I finally found a way! www.sharingthepagesoflife.com


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