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Before I started my blog website, I prayed for God to take the reigns on my idea about starting a mom blog. I had no idea how to even start. I am a google researcher by nature. Everything going on in my life, I google it to find others that might be going through the same things. Maybe you're like that too? About 3 weeks ago I started googling how to start a blog. That same day, I don't even know how I got to it, but I had a website up and running with enough information to get started. I KNOW it was God who led me there. I pray every day for God to guide me on in my blog posts, because the purpose of my website is to help other moms who are going through challenges that I have gone through or am going through presently. The least I can do for God is include Him in my posts and honor Him in the way that He deserves. He has helped me in every area of my life and I should show others that. Do you ask God for guidance in your blog posts as well? I encourage you to ask Him daily for help and guidance in reaching others in His name!

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Hi Sam,

I feel the same way. I know God has helped me immensely throughout this endeavor into developing a blog and growing social media awareness. He continues to provide for our family as we transition to only one income and shows us goodness in so many ways. I must glorify Him in all that I do. Thanks for the encouragement.

God bless you!

God is good and wants you to do good ;-)  Keep praying and giving thanks and good things will come your way. 

It is my prayer daily!!! I pray every night that God would use my blog to glorify him; not me. I pray that he would speak through me to write things weekly that reach hearts. To be able to write something that some mom out that is really truly struggling with so that I may give them hope, strength and encouragement.

New to this blogging adventure!!

I am the exact same way! I want my blog to be a ministry to be able to reach at least one mom out there that is struggling with something that I have struggled with. It's not easy, especially when you have to admit failures and things that you are struggling with. I know that God will use me. It makes me so happy that God is doing in others what He is doing in me. 

Thank you for posting this, Samantha. What is your blog link? I would love to follow you. I created my website in July as a means of encouragement to people who may be going through the same experiences as I do. The past 2 years had been rough but the Lord delivered my family from it and I realize I needed to share my testimony so people can find hope in the Lord as well.

This is so encouraging to me! It is a great reminder that I need to let Daddy lead. Thank you so much for this. :) 

Hi Samantha,

I realized that you've posted this article in February but I sincerely believe that God led me to this site.  I agree with most of what you've written.   I had a very similar experience and now I have a relatively new blog. I hope you are still writing because it makes a difference.  Please stay in touch and check out my new blog,

This is such an encouraging post! It is so easy to get caught up in life and lose focus on the one who guides us in everything! God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. (Yes that includes our blogs)!


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