Hey! We are an established Christian Women's Blog/Magazine and Our Weekly Digital Magazine with over 40 Christian Women Writing regularly for their own column. We have positions open...

Writing Positions Open on Take Root and Write
Please feel free to Share this note to other Christian Women!

Complete Information can be found here...
Be sure to read thru this link, if you think you are interested. Then contact our Editing Team through there. Thanks!

Columnists we are looking for...
All Columns are posted weekly or every other week.
Here are the topics at this time. I update it as it changes at the link above. So you can always check back.

Adoption; The Perfect Picture- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_adoption_the_perfect_pictur...

Being a Mom with Chronic Illness-
New Column Motherhood is tough, even with out dealing with illness of any kind. There are soooo many moms out there that live daily with Chronic Ilnesses. Can you write a column of truth with added in bits of inspiration and tips for these moms, who face what you do?

Being Frugal;
What YOU Can Do! New Column Oh my! We need this now! With the economy! Give all us hints for frugality! Give us info and links and ideas!

Christian Women Tweet Up!
- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/christian-women-tweet-up-coordinato...

Interior Design; New Column Are you passionate about decor? This is not a column for someone who is totally sold on one style. Must be eclectic to appeal to many. Be able to show diversity. Extra nice if you are a fixer upper or trash to treasure girl! I always have been until I am now burned out do to too many redecorating ventures! Can pull from resources as well. Not just your own stash of ideas. Holidays always should be reflected in this column as well

Easy Eats; For The Cooking Impaired-
See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_easy_eats/index.html

New Column (but based off an old one)
Need to have knowledge on Etiquette of course or VERY good on research of it! This column is taking the place of Monday Morning Manners on the site right now. The name will be changed to Modern Manners; Today's Etiquette I would like to see this column cover a WIDE range of Etiquette answers. Even for web use. Follow holiday etc of course as well. Think serious and fun, informative. But HAS to be correct! We don't want to lead anyone to make fool of themselves!

Fashionista's Fuse!
- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns-fashionistas-fuse/index.html

Feminine Fire-
See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_feminine_fire/index.html
Tara, Our current writer needs to back off a bit from this column. We need someone who can read the column and feel they can step in and partner with Tara. I assure you that you will stay on, even upon Tara's return.

Freedom Through Surrender- See here (Writer leaving in July, need for August) http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_freedom_through_surrender/i...

Instilling a Lifelong Passion for Worship-
See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_instilling_a_lifelong_passi...
This was actually a column I started (Noelle) I love this column and have held on to it thinking I could make time to write. Is a waste for it to sit here. I know there is a woman called to write this column. Is it you?

Life Part Deux; Cool Grandmas!-
See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns-life-part-deux-cool-grandma...

Marriage From a Distance
- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_marriage_from_a_distance/in...

Mom Works at Home
- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_mom_works_at_home/index.html

New Beginnings; After Divorce
- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns-new-beginnings-after-divorc...

Scrap Your Stories
- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_scrap_your_stories/index.html

Special Moms for Special Kids- See Here http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns_special_moms_for_special_ki...

Women's Health-
See Here (Column Pic coming to top) http://www.takerootandwrite.com/columns-womens-health/index.html

Noelle Mena
Christian Women in collaboration to compose words of encouragement,
insight, and thought for your journey and ours.
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I'm heading over to your site right now, Noelle! ^_^ I'm very interested!
Hey Joye! If God so moves you, I look forward to hearing from you. Process, and Contact info is on that page.
Blessings to you!


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