When do you find is the best time to have a quiet time with God?  Are you a morning person who loves to meet God with a cup of coffee before the sun is up?  Do you sit down at any spare moment during the day when your kids aren't crying or asking for your help?  Or, are you a night owl who meets with God during the peaceful quiet after the kids go to bed?  I'd love to hear from you!

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I used to enjoy it in the morning - before I had DS and never get anymore sleep. I have found quiet times have become increasingly more difficult to have these days. I do pray while doing chores around the house....but many days I lay in bed wondering when I would have had the time - knowing that there wasn't a second in my day that wasn't filled to the brim. When DS starts sleeping through the night I'll be back to my morning times.
I usually do both mor. before I get to work then at night as I get ready for bed.
Any and all of those! I get frustrated when I can't keep to a schedule so I've quit trying. As long as I find some time during the day or night, it's a success! :)

Hi Siobhan. I just joined MBC and found your group by browsing all groups on this site. I just joined! I am a stay at home mom with 2 little 5 yr old girls. I wrote a book that came out in May and I started a blog about it so I joined MBC to try to get followers for the blog. I was glad to see this site is full of other wonderful things as well, like your group. To answer your question, I have to start spending more time with God! I don't do it hardly ever anymore and I know that has to change. I do pray a lot during the day though. The kind of prayer that is just talking to the Lord any time I hit a snag. I love having that freedom and ability to talk to the Creator any time I need or want. Thank you for starting this group. Here's my blog if you'd like to follow it:





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