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Hey Alexia! Well I visited your blog and it is informative and you connect with your readers.I do like your blog and you have a nice good following for just starting your blog,so you're doing something right.As far as the template there is nothing wrong but I think you have a neat blog that would look amazing with these templates I found (they are free to use).Here's the link: I can help to guide you on how to load it up just in case you need the help.


Thank you so much for a) visiting my blog and providing some input and b) for suggesting a free template... I love the one you are recommending. I think I'll take you up on your recommendation and change my template.

I will also visit your blog and provide whatever feedback I can!

Since I am not very technologically savvy, I will likely be contacting you about how to load it.

Thanks again for taking the time!
Critique my Blog!! I've had it up since Nov 2009 but recently started blogging on it this past week! I would like to know what you guys think of it so far!! thanks.
Looks like your blog is new... I really like it! - I will have to check back when there is more content to tell you more. So far I think it's a great concept. :)

You're a pro (at least compared to me)!
Wow Thanks!! you're doing good all it takes is a wanting to learn and you catch on quick.Sorry if you had contacted me if you had needed some help but I see you got it up already.Good Job! Thanks for the Critique!! I've been working so hard on my Necklace line and trying to fill my blog........ well I'll get it done.... soon.....
Please let me know how I can make my Blogs better also http// Thanks,



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