Google/Blogspot sold our family blog domain name w/o any warning or reminder to renew it!!!

I just wanted to take a brief moment and share with anybody who may have been following our family blog or who may see it on the spreadsheet listing from the 'Follow Me Club' group. Google/Blogspot sold our custom domain name that we bought for the year. We new the time was coming for us to renew our yearly fee to continue using our domain name so we were watching our email and any dashboard alerts on our blog very closely for any reminders on the exact date of the expiration so we could have the opportunity and option to pay for an additional year to keep our name attached to our blog still, but Google/Blogspot NEVER sent us any type of renewal reminder, e-bill, or anything in our email account or even directly on our blog or blog account with them. I even went back and combed through all of our emails going all the way back to two weeks before Thanksgiving, just to make sure we didn't overlook anything, but my husband and I still don't see any notifications from them. This is VERY frustrating for us and we have been trying HARD to get in touch with Google Apps/Blogspot to ask tehm how they could rightfully do this without sending us a reminder or option to renew and continue keeping our domain name, but every time we try to locate any direct contact information for them, it's all been in vain. So on this note, if you happen to have been following us and notice that it's taking you to a new site that is not a blog, but more of a website sponsoring host of various lins than please feel free to make whatever adjustments to be following our blog through our VERY OLD .blogspot URL, which is Our old blog (with our custom domain) was:, which was sold wihtout us knowing or any type of warning to us. Just wanted to let you know...aslo in case any of you have grabbed and added our family blog button to yours I have the adjusted blog button code on our site. If we happen to buy a new domain name through Google/Blogspot I'll let you know of this as well. Sorry for any frustration this may be to those still working through the followers list. Just let me know that you began to follow me and I'll greatly follow you back as well.

My husband and I are still trying to 'fight' Google/Blogspot about this and tryin gto get our domain name back, but again if we can't or are unable to we'll let you know if we buy a different new domain name. Thanks for understand and please would anybody let me know (if you happen to know yourself) if I need to add or adjust my blog address on the Follow Me Club spreadsheet?? Or Tess if you read this would you possibly be able to go in a nd change/adjust my blog address to read the one above that reads Thanks!! And we still can't believe this has happend to us; it's been a very big disappointment and frustration to us with Google/Blogspot!!!

This is our blog button which you can find our grab code on our blog if you need to adjust it on your site (assuming you grabbed it awhile back). Again sorry for any inconvenience.

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I'm sorry to hear that. Very upsetting. :-(
Me too!!! It messed up a lot of things like even the 'message' box we have on the left sidebar of our site, which we also paid a year for but can't get reimbursed or adjusted....we aren't sure why they won't work with us on adjusting this 'chat/message box' either...we think it's a bit ridiculous of them personally IMO. The whole thing has been a mess, and we have to inform a TON of family and friends who were following us as's been such a pain of a headache to say the least and we still can't get a hold of anybody through Google/Blogspot. What's worse is that our year expiration date was on Dec. 20th, which was on Sunday, and we were just on our blog that day and even then there weren't any alerts on our blog account, no renewal reminders; nothing. Just the following day, about 10-12 hours later, as you can imagine, we were in complete shock to have been informed by a friend of ours that our blog wasn't working right or taking them to it!!! For over a day we were nervous that our blog was forever 'lost' in 'blogland', but thankfully with the help of another blog friend, we were able to retrieve our blog and the full 3 years worth of family memories we invested into it....(we use it as most families/parents do; as a family diary to journal into) and we were so scared that if it were lost that we would have no idea where it would have gone to or if someone else had hacked into it somehow, getting all of our private account info. and other personal information...but thankfully this was not the case and thankfully we were able to retrieve our entire blog and have it 'safe at home' about a full 24 hours of stress when we first discovered this and were trying to figure it all out; though we still don't have everything figured out and are still working to get in touch with Google/Blogspot....the only option we have had so far in sending them any type of message was through one of their open discussion forum groups where we posted our frustration and concerns about this, but we still haven't gotten any replies to our posting....(sigh!)

Thanks Opus#6 for your support!

Interesting email I just now received from Google, just over an hour after I posted this discussion. I had never noticed it before because they sent it a full day AFTER my expiration date was up and AFTER they already had given my domain name to another. Once I found out about my domain name being sold to someone else I was combing through all PAST emails PRIOR to the expiration date of my domain name on 12/20/2009, and GOOGLE SENT OUT THIS EMAIL NOTIFICATION ON 12/21/2009.....

After starting this discussion I decided to still do some legwork on rechecking my email and found an email from them AFTER the day they 'sold' it, which is why I never noticed it. I had been searching and digging for any overlooked emails PRIOR to the date of my domain expiration/PRIOR to the date of Google/Blogspot selling it to someone else.

So in this (After the fact) email they sent it stated that I still have time to re-register my domain name if I want to keep it but if I don't do so within 60 days they will delete it completely....which is very scary, to me anyhow.

Well I, slightly reluctantly, went ahead and paid to continue keeping and using my domain name at and I can only hope they process it correctly. I tried to get in contact with them again to ask them why on earth they sent this email out a whole day AFTER they already sold my domain name to another source and AFTER my domain name expired....why wouldn't they send a renewal notice out BEFORE the expiration date...well again any type of contact I can make with them is just in adding a new group discussion in a forum/group I doubt anybody will reply to it, since nobody answered or replied to my initial expressed questions of frustration to Google/Blogspot for doing this....ugh....I just pray and hope now that they process this right and get my domain name back to my family blog correctly and that it's not some weird fraud thing...I'm just so incredibly leary about dealing with them now after this whole experience....I mean seriously...why would any company send out a reminder the day after they cancel something on someone???? Makes no sense to me. So Tess, again if you read this, just go ahead and keep my domain name the same as it was on the spreadsheet until I know if they fix my domain name and give it back to me...I'll let you know when I find out it's set up correctly to my blog. Thanks for your patience on this and again, sorry about these ridiculous errors from Google/ I'm working on trying to reach them to ask why in the world they would notify me (us-my husband and I) so late and after we already freaked out about it big time...ugh!!!
I'm sorry too. I have my blogs with google, but it's just the free blogspot thing. Then I have an actual purchased/paid for site that I just bounce to my blog (Gardening Shady Style). It was purchased through yahoo, but they went up to $34.95 a year, so being the bargain hunter that I am, my other sites were purchased with Godaddy. So far I've been satisfied with them. They have auto-renewal, which is convenient, and then they send reminders to let you know. You don't have to sign up for auto-renewal either, but even though I did, they still sent reminders, which I sincerely appreciated, since money is tight. Good luck. I know it's rough to have a domain name you love and that's personally yours and now to have it actually stolen!!
Wow, that is not right. :(
I have heard that they don't send out reminders. I'm so sorry to hear that happened!
Thanks dear friends,

Actually if you read my update on this post you'll see that thankfull Google did send me an email giving me a chance to reclaim my domain name which obviously I did. But come next year on the 1st of Dec or sooner I'll be sure to be on the lookout and try to pay the annual fee in advance for the site so this doesn't happen again....scared both my halves to I'm going to go ahead and close this discussion tomorrow since it was already handled by Google and the issue is cleared up. Thanks again for ya'll support, understanding, and sympathy. :D


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