New blogs to be listed here AFTER you read the "Please start here" discussion and you MUST follow EVERYONE first! YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS DISCUSSION IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW RULES!

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Hi everyone. I've gone through the spreadsheet and added everyone. I'm ready to be added to the list.

I've just gone through the long list of blogs and added each one of them that had a follow option!
I look forward to getting to know all of you!

You can follow my blog here:
Phew, finally done adding you all! I had to stop last night because it got so late and blogger was making me solve capsia every time I would click to follow. They must only let you do so many at a time. But, anyway, I'm ready to be added to your list of followers.

I do have another blog as well if you'd like to follow that one too.
yeahhh, i'm done and read some amazing new stories! please stop by and follow me, if i missed anyone my computer crashed twice in 2 days but i'm pretty sure i got ya'll... thank you! *smiling*
Hi I have followed everyone!! If I did happen to miss one please let me know!
Hello Everyone!
Wow, i've finally finished! I'm pretty sure i didn't missed anyone, but if i do, please let me know and i'll follow you.
Well, now it's my turn :)
Here's the blogs - on the right sidebar, 3 options for your choice - 2 options
Thank you,
OMG! Ok, I finally got through the list and am now following everyone! Please let me know if I missed anyone because I don't think i did!

here's mine:
Hello all! I am now following all of the blogs on the list!! Wow! I can't wait to go back and really spend time on all of them. I am subscribed as either Sandy Frankfort or BabyLoveWrap. The ones that didn't have followers, I joined the subscriber lists. If I've missed you, please let me know, but I think I got everyone! I can't wait to have you join my community also!!!
so funny! you and I were doing this at the same time because I saw your picture on every one! Yay! We did it! I love your blog!!!
Hi All!
I am following you all now! I look forward to hearing from you!!
thanks! that is funny!


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