New blogs to be listed here AFTER you read the "Please start here" discussion and you MUST follow EVERYONE first! YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS DISCUSSION IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW RULES!

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I am trying so hard to add everyone but there are so many of you!! I added a few today and I would appreciate it if you notice that I am following you now that you follow my blog in return. I'll try my best to follow everyone on the list.
OK, I am new and I will start following everyone. Here is my info


I hope to do a giveaway soon, take a look at our products, what should we give away?

Oops, sorry ladies that I typed the same exact message three times back to back (on page 1, at least it's on that page for tonight) I have no idea how that even happened because I only hit the reply button once and they all show the exact same time and date. Odd. Sorry 'bout that! :(
Ok, I have finally added everyone!
I'm finished adding everyone ladies! My blog is and I would appreciate some visits!
I have finished following everyone, but there were quite a few that didn't have "follow" buttons or "subscribe to" links, so I couldn't do anything with those. There were also a few blogs that just wouldn't come up (message said unable to open), so I don't know if it was my computer or what. Anyway, if you're following me & I'm not following you, let me know & I'll try again.

My blog is:
Oh, I almost forgot. There were quite a few that were facebook & I don't have a facebook account so I was unable to follow those blogs.
I'm following you now:)

Ok I am following everyone now except for #126 it was set to private and #112 it said blog not found. I subscribed to a few by email because I didn't see any other option.

My blog is It's A Wonderful Life:

Looking forward to seeing you all!
I am 151 on the list and I haven't seen all of the new people under my followers
Can you list your blog URL? 99% sure I am following you, but it wouldn't hurt to check =)

i am finding that some people do not have a link to their blog on their profile making it difficult to follow


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