How To Help A Friend Who Is an Addict

One of the most devastating things that can happen to any family is substance abuse in any form. Anything in excess is never good for anyone. That could be anything from too much food, exercise, alcohol or even shopping. Addictive behaviors can turn relationships upside down for those who…

How to Build Easy Healthy Living Habits

In today’s uber health conscious society many of us are hyper aware of staying as healthy as we possibly can with the knowledge we have. We all know that fast food and highly processed foods are not good for us in excess. We know that too much alcohol consumption is bad as well as smoking.…



I just started this blog all about little girls! I am hosting monthly contest, with great prizes, right now I am hosting a VALENTINE contest, so please stop by, sign our guestbook & enter the contest! :)
I am looking forward to meetng new moms!

My main blog is:

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just checked out your blog. I'm following it now. Will have to get some pictures of the little one to enter!
I am going to stop by and follow you right now! I am new to blogging too and I want to raise my follower numbers to!
thanks ladies! I need more entries to start the contest!
Just took a look and im now a follower!


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