If you still need Followers as of 11/23, post your blog here and we will follow you back!


I can't tell who is actively looking for followers...but I sure am! Please follow me at and I will follow you back. (And so will everyone else who replies, I hope :-) ).

I've followed a few folks who haven't followed back as I'm guessing they got to their goals.

Best, Swati

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would love to get to 200!!
Hi Julie - I am following you now!
I'm at
Come on out when you can - thanks!
Hi Diane - I am following you now blog is at
Hi Jessi;
I am followingyou now...please follow me at
Hi Hanna: do you mean mine? I think it's working, but please let me know. I just had my site redesigned so it may have been temporarily down :-)!
Hi angie - I am following you now too!
Hi Jody - I just subscribed to your RSS feed - and I am imopressed you can manage more than 1 blog!
Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and would love to meet you. My blog is I recently transitioned it from a writing portfolio to an active blog about my escapades as a mom, artist and business owner. Would love to have you follow me and I would gladly return the favor! Thanks in advance!
Hi for some I would like some new followers here:
Wow I don't know what my comment was saying, but I need
some followers at TheGrabBag Pt. 2 I'll follow back! Thanks!
I am stuck too. I would LOVE to reach 200.

I always follow back and I always try to leave comments.

Please follow and I will return the favor.


Stay @ Home Mom Who knew
I am! LMK you are from MBC and I will follow you back.


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