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Homeschool Mom's

A group for Mom's who broke from the 'norm' and decided to Homeschool. A group where we can support,  not bash one another.

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Comment by Teresa Smith on August 12, 2011 at 10:51am

Good morning -

How wonderful to see a group of home educators!  We homeschooled our two sons through high school, with the eldest pursuing his Doctorate and our youngest just graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.  I would do it all over again, tomorrow!  The bad times, as well as the good.

This is a great forum and I want to share with you my website:

I feature four journal pages (Home, The Healthy Home, Kids at Home, and The Nourishing Home) and am planning a fifth just for home educators.  Do stop by and leave a comment or two!

Teresa Smith

Comment by Taffy on August 5, 2011 at 1:47am
Just posted my Curriculum and Scedule! Check it out =) im so proud! lol atA Side of Sanity
Comment by Trisha Moore on August 5, 2011 at 1:38am
I joined this group because I am interested in homeschooling, but I don't know if my husband would ever go along with it. And I figure that I first need to learn more about it.
Comment by Chrysti Carpenter on July 26, 2011 at 7:18pm
Love being able to connect with other homeschooling moms. I think it is great to get ideas and advice from other moms at the same time it is important to do what works best for your family. I haven't seen one homeschooling family that does things the exact same way.
Comment by Tammy Blockinger on July 19, 2011 at 5:16pm
My advice to Parents who Home school; take the good w the bad. It's nice to get advice and peace of mind but beware, you make get more than you bargained for. I met a new hs Mom thru Calvert's Fb page and she swallowed a bitter pill when an advice giver criticized her method. Have you ever met a hs parent who could knock you down faster than you can walk away? You know the type, diligent about the supposedly strict ways we are suppose to Home school, their way is right and your way is what some call 'sloppy'? Share your story abput asking for advice but was made to feel why would you do this anyway and re evaluate yourself or if you were brave and put soldier mom back in place.
Comment by Zoila Nusbaum on July 7, 2011 at 11:07am

So true Tandi.


Last year we were unschooling. We moved from public school to homeschool. Now we are going to Waldorf. I am thinking about going a Star Wars route for technology based sciences. We spend a lot of time at the Air & Space Museum  Aquarium, the Nauticus. And they are in LOVE with Star Wars.  I think it would be fun to turn those movies into educational.


Comment by Tandi Hartle on July 5, 2011 at 9:39pm
One important thing I have learned is children who are younger than about 12 years old are like sponges, they are learning from their environment all the time. The skills they need to learn are so basic and simple they honestly naturally pick them up so you really don't need to be too worried about scheduling and over-working them especially at that young of an age.

My son really dislikes book work and worksheets, he loves working with his hands. He have let him take apart lawn mowers to see how they work, we buy non-working radios etc... from thrift shops and let him take them apart. Then we bought him a physics building set and at 9 years old he was building and learning from it. Hands on things work really well for ADHD children.

Instead of math worksheets or workbooks I had flash cards and I would put my son at the end of the hall and when he would get the answer right on the flash card he could hop toward me, when he reached me he would get a reward like I would play a game with him or something for X amount of minutes for every one he got right or something like that. We did that game with addition, subtraction, multiplication and he loved it. Sometimes I'd have both kids do it together as well.

My son also likes the computer rather than worksheets so I have him doing mathletics and he learns a lot better when he enjoys the work.

As far as with five year olds, it just has to be simple. I read classics to my kids like Anne of Green Gables and other books. They learn a lot about language listening to you read, as they get older I have them read to me and explain words they don't understand as they read.

I wouldn't stress with the 5 year old, just play color and shape games, read to both of them, play games with letters and numbers. Make it short and fun. I used brighter vision workbooks with my daughter from 4-6, it was just a simple workbook but she loved it and learned a lot from it. Children learn a lot from experience, more than worksheets and structure. My kids have learned so much from having lemonade stands, selling baked goods, and being active learners. Hopefully that helps you.
Comment by Tammy Blockinger on July 5, 2011 at 8:39pm
@ Tandi,  How do I relax w a schedule? My 5 yo and 7 yo both have adhd and the 5 yo has a speech disorder so starting the same time every day didn't work . Did I mention my 7 yo has insomnia?
Comment by Tandi Hartle on July 5, 2011 at 5:57pm
I am new to the mom bloggers club and am really excited to see a homeschooling mom's group.  We will be going on our 5th year homeschooling so if there are any young mom's who have questions about homeschooling I'd be happy to help.
Comment by Tammy Blockinger on July 3, 2011 at 7:24pm
When my son was 2( now 3) we would let him build with clay,color and glue( messy). However he sonn caught on that there was more to it  lol. I shop second hand stores for supplies etc. and I find workbooks either the girls could use or if my girls weren't on the particular skill, I would get them for Adam so he would think he was working too. Now that he's 3, he wants to do work like his sisters so I'm in trouble lol.

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