Feel free to list your blog here if your posts are real, honest, and definitely not sugar-coated tales of motherhood. While they don't need to be negative posts, this group is about allowing each other to get real!

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HI everyone! Motherhood is the hardest job on earth! That is what my blog is about - come check it out! http://the-hardest-job-on-earth.blogspot.com

Love the title! Can't wait to look!

Looks like I have some reading to do! =)
I've finally found a home! Please check me out and follow at http://thedailychroniclesofashm.blogspot.com/2010/04/nowshes-gonna-.... PLease follow me.
If you want to enter some great giveaways and see great product reviews come check out my other blog http://thereviewstew.blogspot.com I have a great giveaway right now going on! It is easy to enter! come check it out!
I have really been enjoying reading the blogs from this group. I love to see people writing honestly, and not sugar coating this crazy journey through motherhood! Keep them coming!
My blog is a mix of everything involved in daily life.

Ok here it goes...my blog is:

hey girls! i'm an american mommy living in australia with my aussie hubs and adorable bub. although i'm a rookie mum, i'm loving it and learning more all the time. www.themommyhoodmemos.blogspot.com
HA! I definitely belong in this group!

Perfect group for me!!!

My honest posts are at http://trydefyinggravity.wordpress.com/. Look forward to reading all of yours.


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