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I've been looking for a way to review the Swinx and have emailed bloggers that had reviewed them asking them how they got it to review but didn't get a single response.

Swinx actually started following me on twitter and I followed back and sent them a DM asking if I could review their product and no response either.

I was wondering are bloggers not allowed to mention the PR company they got the product from?

Just curious why I never got a response from the bloggers.

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I actually got some PR email addresses from other bloggers. I don't think bloggers are not allowed to share the information. They may not want to share it unless the PR person told them it was ok though...ya know? I wouldn't want to give out a name and email address if the person didn't tell me I could. Sometimes it takes a long time to hear back from companies and bloggers. It may seem like we are waiting forever for a response...but if you are the one on the other end of 100 emails, it's a different story...as I am sure you know. So, when I don't hear something right away, I try to think about that. Sometimes you hear back the same day and sometimes it takes weeks. In fact, just yesterday I heard back from a company that I had contacted at least 2 weeks ago.

I suggest that if 2-3 weeks have passed, you can email the company again and ask about the status of your request so you can put them in your queue.

It's up to you if you email the bloggers again. Personally, I'd let that go. But that's just me. :)
I think that there are some bloggers who don't want to share their contacts for fear that it will result in them receiving less product if there's more "competition". Personally, I always respond at least with a company unless I have been told I shouldn't. It's hard enough to get into this business without having people who won't help.
Where can I get some products to review?
Thanks guys!
I wasn't planning on emailing the bloggers again. I don't want to bug them.

@Ellen, I would give the info if someone asked me also. I would make sure I could pass on the info first.

@Emilia, go to the main page of this group and you'll see discussions on companies you can join to get included on product reviews.
I would love to review the Swinxs as well. I entered one giveaway for it and when prompted to the website there was a man's name there that is "PR" for North America I believe.... I would just contact him. (there was some other info there but I was not looking to inquire about giveaways then- Really I am still not since I haven't publicized my Blog yet)
I am just assuming that you need a following of stature before the larger companies would work with you. I could be wrong... I figure I will definitely be targeting the Etsy community and small businesses everywhere as well as businesses I have worked with in other venues in the past. (Hoping my customer status makes me important enough to do a review for them)
If you do get any info and don't mind at least sharing the contact name... Maybe if you get that far mention that you know of others who would like to help spread the word about the product if they wouldn't mind "us' contacting them...
Personally I think it is good for the company if several Blogs are holding a giveaway for their company- could be all different items or some same but to have 3 or 4 places readers shouting out on twitter, FB, stumble, etc just throws their name everywhere hard for a nice little while! That could also just be my train of thought though... LOL
I don't normally give out PR contact info unless they say it's okay to do so.

In regards to Swinx, I did do a review for them and would be more than happy to pass along your info to them. I don't know if they'll respond but it doesn't hurt to ask, right? Let me know.

An Island Life
Here's my deal - some PR reps get annoyed if you post their info because they get flooded with requests for reviews. BUT some PR reps, especially for less popular or new products, are aching for more exposure through blogs.

So, if I get pitched for something I usually ask if they want me to share the info with any blogger friends I know. If they say yes then I'll do it. If not, then I respect that. Then that keeps everyone happy.

One way that I have been able to get some PR reps to pitch me is by following them on Twitter. Once they hear me tweeting, they can get a feel of if my content and tone is a good fit for their product.

Of course, I get some really random pitches too and you will too if you're new and growing. File those in the "things to laugh about on a tough day" spot. ; )

I'm fairly new to doing reviews and my site isn't really a review site per se. I take some that interest me and my readers. It seems like there is such a glut of giveaways right now that I wonder what the future holds for them in the next few years. What do you guys think?


Housewife Hacks
Hi Kailani,
Did you get to review this through a PR rep for Swinxs or did the company itself contact you. I actually sent an email to Jill of Chocolate Communications. She was listed on Swinxs's website as the media contact. I just emailed her the other day so I'm waiting for a response.
Yes, Jill was my contact person. :-)

It's Jill here. I've joined the Club to talk to you directly, I hope you don't mind, tho I am a Mum and a 'minor' blogger so hopefully that counts me in too! I didn't get your mail re Swinxs but I can tell you that they are focusing on the US right now. We can certainly put your name on a waiting list. Given I work in PR (and have done for more years than I care to count now) I'm also more than happy to answer any more questions you make have on the subject if that is helpful.
Hi Jill! Welcome!
Thank you for responding! Please do add me to the waiting list! I would love the opportunity to review what looks to be an awesome fun family game.
Do you have certain criteria a blog needs to meet to be able to do the review? Would my blog qualify to review/giveaway the Swinxs?
Do you need any information about my blog? Feel free to email me at frugalwifeblog @ gmail.com
Now I realise you are US based I will get my colleague (another Jill) onto it and to reply to you!


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