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There is some really good advice in this network and all over the Internet, but no one has really answered the one main question that I have.

How long should I wait before I start directly contacting companies?

I have permission to do a giveaway from House Party with a few of my left over Febreze products and have a book coming from to review. In addition, I will have a review of some mineral makeup products from an Etsy shop once I receive and review them.

However, I was wondering how long people waited before they because direct contacting and pitching to companies. My blog is new, but I did purchase a custom design that I think is great, to give it a professional feel. I do not have that many followers, but I am working on that and site traffic daily. I just do not want to make a fool out of myself by contacting companies only to have them laugh at me because of my stats.

If you started contacting companies early on, any advice on how to pitch and highlight your other skills and not just focus on stats? Thanks in advance for any help.


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I say start pitching immediately. I started pitching when I only had 10 followers. Just know that with low stats you will get a lot of no responses and a lot of them just won't reply, but you do eventually get some Yes's! I would contact companies that I saw on a lot of blogs or that I saw on blogs that didn't have that many followers. In your pitch just highlight on who you are and why that product would be great for you to review. Only send your stats if they ask for them and when they do ask for them let them know when you had started and let them know you are continually growing. When I first started I also told the companies if they let me do a review/giveaway that I would post their button on my blog for a month (you could even just say for the length of the giveaway). Good luck!
I agree with Rachel. If I had waited for companies to contact me, I would of not had many reviews and giveaways so far. I (after a year of blogging) have had way more opportunities from pitching companies myself than the other way around!
I think I was at 70 followers when I started to ask around. Love Love Love the design! I wish I could find something like that!
Well, I thought I would perhaps wait another week or two before I did, because by then my first giveaway would be underway or just about done and my followers should be up even more. I already have a few reviews up and have some more on the way, so then companies could see how I conduct reviews and giveaways.

Thank you all so much for answering. Jennifer, you should definitely check out Shiela, she did my blog design and her button is on my right-hand side bar at the bottom. She did a great job, is really fast and super affordable!
I have a NEW site ( that i just created YESTERDAY. I had zero followers and now have a whopping 15! lol. But somehow I managed to land 8 giveaways. I told them I would link the giveaway on my personal blog that has more followers, and some said yes, some said no. So Im glad I at least asked. I dont think you can make a fool out of yourself by just seing what they have to say!! I did and now have at least something for my new site!
that is impressive...hope it goes well...
I am so glad you asked this as I wondered the same thing as well since I just launched my own blog not too long ago. I am following you Kathleen, and think you have a wonderful design!
Thanks so much for the compliment. I ended up contacting a few companies last night so we will see if anything comes of it. Now that I have the look of my blog set up and some followers, I don't feel so funny contacting them I guess.

Thank-you all for the help it was wonderful and greatly appreciated!
I would suggest asking companies that commonly work with bloggers like snorg tees, nacho mama tees, abc neckties etc. they are more likely to say yes to a new blogger
Try contacting CSN Stores, they will surely say yes. They were my first giveaway and gave one of my readers a $25 gift card for any of their stores and my blog was 3 weeks old back then
And I agree with you all! Contact them! Some won't email you back for a week or two so you'll have enough time to build up your unique visitors (which is more important than your GFC fan base!). If your stats are still low let them know how you are planning on letting people know about the giveaway (linking up on linky lists, twitter, facebook, mom bloggers club, etc) that's how I got another of my giveaways!

Good Luck!


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