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So I have used Logical Media and MySavings for a while and I was wondering if any of you have had success with these companies or any other Affliate/Ad sites?

Also how do you feel about using them? Do you think it turns readers off or as long as it fits what your blog niche is then it really does not matter?

I am just curious to hear opinions on the subject.


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All I have is frustration! I've been using Logical Media and honestly have not made a penny. I never get more than just impressions, a lot of them but it's not enough I guess. I really try to go for the campaigns that only require email sign up or info requests from reputable, well known companies (Home Depot, Red Plum) If it really turned my readers off, I don't think I'd be getting the amount of impressions that I do. I'm just plain confused!!!
I just canceled my Logical Media and one other one. Not worth it.

And your impressions Margaret is just the people that it's on the page for, doesn't mean that they even clicked on it or even looked at it.
I use logical media and I only post what I can back up.

Coupons mostly. Different ones pay different amounts. I don't mess with prize venue crap or "junk" per say. Just strictly what I have tried out myself before and know to be legit.

I print my own coupons from Coupons.com so I have no beef having that link on my blog. I am very choosy as to what goes on there. Today I posted about a Kraftmaid book...I have gotten this in the past so I know that's cool. Things like that. Not JUNK.

I think with anything you have to be choosy as to what you post so that your readers trust in what you indeed are posting.

As far as sucess...my only beef is the threshold is 100 on most affiliates like google is. I wish they were lower. I have not met the threshold with any but with all I have earned some. sigh!
I feel you Katie! Do you do the Coupons.com affiliate program? I have a lot of success with that.

The Kraftmaid book always goes fast and I am not quick enough for it but it is very successful! Also the home depot other bloggers seem to like as well,

Sara @ DealiciousMom.com
Thanks for clearing that up! It can get confusing! Here's a question for everyone, do you think putting the links under a heading of "affiliates" turns readers off? I have noticed the bloggers that say they are very successful do not list them as affiliates. I do have a full disclosure policy and have been toying with the idea of losing the affiliate heading.What do you all think?
Hi Sara,
I also use LM and MSM and have made very little so far. Like some of the others have said below, I think as long as it fits your blog 'theme' if you will and is helpful to the reader, I don't think it's a turn off. I think some blogs have too many ads and some seem a little boring to me because they have nothing in their sidebar! I'm always open to new affiliate ideas and I consider you a successful blogger so keep your ideas coming! Also, what's a girl have to do to get on your blogroll :-) I am going to have an icon made and I need a button so I'm so excited to keep moving along with my layout. This blogging thing is fun!
Awwww Shucks Nedra! You're sweet! I just wrote you an email!
I just started with Escalate and I'm not really making anything yet, but I refuse to post something that I don't use myself (ie. Gevalia, steaks, etc) just to make a few cents off someone clicking through.
Well thank goodness I am not the only one. I was starting to get discouraged because I don't make nothing off of any of my affiliates. I am not sure if it is ad placement or what. How do you gals use the ads? Sidebars? Posts?

Sara- I love your humbleness. I consider you a seasoned pro as well. I list my giveaways on your linky and I do get traffic from it. Thanks for the support!!!

Thanks nice to now! Thanks I appreciate it!
The only affiliate programs I have had success with are Amazon and Artscow. Artscow I get free product back, so that might be a no go for others. :) Amazon - I've had it on my blog forever with nothing at all. Then I realized I could link to this page in my posts. So, anytime I mention a product they have on there, be it a book review, a product that I review (that doesn't have their own store, something you'd find at Target, Wal-Mart, etc), or just something I'm talking about in my normal journal posts, I link it to my Amazon affiliate ID. I'm now seeing money in my affiliate account over there. Kind of nice to see it going up.

I just went and checked, I still am an affiliate of Go Daddy - so that's Commission Junction (I did that one specifically so that I could link to them in a post about using them for my domain registration), picaboo (on their own), yourfonts.com (on their own) and UCWebhost (my webhosting service - on their own). I don't think I've made anything from any of them but UCWebhost - and that's usually enough to pay my webhosting fee. The photo book ones and the fonts are related to my site in that I'm a digital scrapbooker as well.
Ditch them. I've been an Affiliate Marketer since 2004. My favorites are Shareasale, Pepperjam, LinkShare, etc. I'm not too fond of of Amazon. I've had friends make orders with them using my affiliate link, and a lot of times I never made any commission from that. Their affiliate program is hugely flawed. CJ.com (Commission Junction) is just as bad!


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