Tips to Prevent Getting an Infectious Disease While on Vacation

Dr. Brent W. Laartz thought he was in for the ride of his lifetime when he set out on a horseback riding excursion in Costa Rica.

Admittedly younger and more naïve than he is today, Laartz – an infectious disease specialist and author of the book How to Avoid Contagious Diseases…


I am using free templates on my blog for now but I want to have a button made for my blog and I was wondering if anyone can recommend someone who makes those sort of thing, also I need this to be inexpensive. I am looking to purchase a template in the future but I saw someone who at the very least wanted $50.00 and she didn't have a button in their cheapest price. I was hoping you guys would know of someone good who didn't charge a crazy amount.

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There are tons of sites out there with free templates and tips to easily modify them.

I recommend that you save the money and spend the time learning a little about it. It will go a long way, I assure you!
Blogger Buster is one of my favorite sites.
Final Sense is where I got the template for my main blog and they have a great variety too.

Then, with the money you save on the template, you can pay for a button. :) As for recommendations for a button, I had my hubby do mine. If you already have a general idea of what you're looking for and could provide a rough sketch, he said he could do one for $10-$15. But he recommends that you focus on your theme with the new template then worry about a button that matches. PM if you want to chat.

Good luck!
I just had my button done 2 days ago for $3. You can ask her to match it with your header/banner. Let me know if you want her contact info.

Check my blog to see if you like it.

Email me if you're interested. She was fast too. It took her only one day.

I made my own using this as a guide. Super easy to follow.

Like Nicole said, there are tons of sites out there not only with free templates but also how to's. If you do some looking you can learn how to change your blog however you want without paying anyone for the work!

If you need some help with making your own button, let me know. I would be more than happy to help you out and save you that $50!

I'd be happy to help :) If you want.
What about help in a WordPress theme? My brother has been working on mine but Wordpress part is what is new to him. He does HTML and has built and designed many web pages (one of his side gigs and he has a LOT of work) But he still isn't done w/ my WordPress theme to the point that I am about to break down and use a free one... I don't want to do if I can help it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am really trying to wait for him to be done but in the meantime I am writing posts in Notepad and just saving them... Not doing me much good. I have had my Blog domain and host since Jan 12... Anyone?
I just wrote a post about how I was able to do it myself the other week! Here is the link

I'm also giving away a $10 Starbucks GC to celebrate it!

Just click on the link the link of the tutorial that I talk about!
I do blog designs

designs by iDesign

Blog buttons are $10
Rachel Cadaret-Akers,

Thanks a lot for the information..I was able to do my own buttons by your links..though not yet that beautiful but hey your information save me money...Love you girl you are really a god send hehehe for sharing your knowledge and information...try to visit my blog cause i already visited your and follow you already...Chronicle of An Inconsistent Mom
What I want is 3 little girls roughly the same height with brown hair and eyes and my title of my blog, The story of parenting a child with Autism.

Thanks for the links you guys gave, going to peek now.
Can you make a blog using Blogger. I prefer to stay with them I love that they are free! I am looking for a simple 3 column with mild colors. I don't want my blog to scream at my in dark colors. Can you make a matching header and button? I like a cartoon country look without it being fake and corny looking. I just wrote my 1st product review and I want to do more, I don't want people turned off by a site that looks like it's for a 12 year old. Does that even make sense?
Glad I could help. Everything on my blog, I did myself. Like you said, it is not perfect or beautiful but it saves a lot of money. I figure someday down the road when I am making a little money at this, I can upgrade and pay someone to do it for me.

Following your blog now also!
I wrote this post that's a simple guide to making your own button using PhotoBucket that might be helpfull.


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