Take a minute to introduce yourself, who you are, where you live and anything else that might be of interest to the rest of us.

I'm Linda, a Swedish expat in Brazil. I've lived here for four years and have no plans to move. I am married to a Brazilian and have a little son almost 5. Two dogs, five birds and no cats but a hamster. I work as a freelance writer and web designer. I have just started a new blog about expat life over at A Mommy in Brazil, come over and say hi!

I know there are many international bloggers out there so I hope we can all get to know each other better!

Now it's your turn...

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Hi! I'm in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm not an expat - lived here all my life. I work as an archivist and a freelance writer for pregnancy and parenting magazines. My blog is Me Time
Hi Janine, great to see you here! Expat or not, all Internationals are welcome :) Looking forward to connecting more with you here.
Hi I am an Aussie stuck in the middle of the USA LOL I have a gorgeous american husband and a beautiful Ausmerican boy. I do enjoy living here and getting the experience of being out of my comfort zone. I am a resume writer and a stay at home mom.
Hi Haley, I'm glad you decided to join us here. I'd love to go to Australia! Perhaps someday. :) Hope to see you around!
Hi, I'm originally from the Philippines,currently living here in canada for couple of months after living in US for 6 years.I hope you can visit my Personal Blog, My Photoblog, and my Digiscrap Blog too.Thanks In Advance.
Hey FicklMminded, nice to hear we are so International here, this can only get better! Thanks for joining, I'll surely check out your sites.
Hi I'm an Aussie living in Australia *wave*. I live on the east coast (well a few hours inland, but compared to the rest of Australia, that's what I'm close to! ) on a farm with hubby, son and twin girls, two working dogs, a cat and a few hundred cows!

Glad to see this new mini group going :)
Hi Annette, welcome! Glad to see another Aussie here! Looking forward to chat more with you. :) Help spread the word about our little group and it can become a BIG group :)
Bonjour from Paris fellow expat mom bloggers!
I've been in Paris for over 10 years now and am married to a Frenchy. We have two little French Fries. I'm a lifer here.
My blog recipe:
Sprinkle with a bit of mommy dish + add a dash of kids + season with a pinch of Paris. Combine ingredients. Serve weekly. Season to taste. VOILA!
Would love to get to know you all. In the meantime, check out my blog at
Bisous from moi!
Bom dia La Mom! Nice to see you here as well. Like the blog recipe, I took a quick look at your blog, nice :)
Hi, im Courtney. A US military wife living in Japan, on the island of Okinawa. We are absolutly in love w/ the place. We are on a three year tour and next week will be our one year mark. With only two years left here, we are trying to live it up and try to enjoy it more then we already do.
We are hoping to do a 3-4 year tour in Spain once we leave here.
my husband and I are originally from Napa, CA and we are highschool sweethearts. After being in the airforce for 8 years, we finally got the duty station we have always wanted! =) Lets see what the future holds....
Welcome Courtney!

It must be nice in a way to know how long you will stay, it makes you appreciate every moment and try to make the best out of it.

I'd love to go to Spain for a few years as well. I hope you get to go. I'm sure the future holds good things for you :)


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