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Hi! First let me say that I don't blog thinking Im going to make money; I do it because it's therapeutic, its fun, its wonderful networking, its a great hobby. However, I've read and seen that some people are getting paid pretty well for blogging pretty much, and Im thinking I should give it a try, especially since my husband cannot understand why I'm so hooked to the computer lately. If I show him a small pay check or two, Im sure he'll shut up lol!!

Well, today I checked a few pay to blog sites, and I signed up to three I think. Im waiting for the approval of one, the other I don't know what the heck happened, I think they purposely confused me so that I can't paste their badge on my blog =( so that was probably a failure, and the other one confused me as well.

So ladies, who ever is making some mula, even if its 10 bucks a week, can you please share how you do it? how'd you start? what sites (that are easy lol) do you recommend? How do you get to review products, such as baby products? Im willing to try a lot of things, cause hey, why not =)

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Hi Nori,

I can understand your frustration. There's a lot of info that's needed on this topic. As I said, I'm willing to help you out. I'll add you as a friend so I can send you my email info. I'm legit and don't expect any money in return. I like to work one on one via IM or Skype to coach. It's so much easier. So my offer is there!
Thanks so much for helping me out. I've heard about this getting paid for blogging, but never thought it'd be so difficult to start it up.

Out of curiosity, and please feel free to disregard my question, but do you make decent money, like enough to buy yourself a nice outfit lol.

I dont know, I never considered this, but I miss work, and I miss making my own money, and I know I wont be working for quite sometime- I have 3 kids under the age of 4.5, including a newborn. I don't really need to work thank God, but there's a part of me that wants to feel like she's more than just a mom, kwim? Making even 20 dollars a week would be so great, and that's why I'm interested in this.

Have you ever heard of blogvertise? If so, what do you think about them? Also, I saw that a few sites ask for the SSN? I feel so hesitant giving it out. What do you think?

Thanks again Connie, I appreciate your input.
Hi Nori,

Yes I've heard of Blogsvertise and have worked with them. Either a company is going to ask for your SS # or they are going to have you fill out a tax form if they are going to pay you. If you make over a certain amount of money (I think it's $600/yr) then you'll get a form for your taxes to file as an Independent Contractor.

I make what I want to make make blogging meaning that I put in just the amount of time and effort that I can/want to = money in return. I have medical problems so I can't work full time and this is just perfect for me!

I have extra money that I can use for what I want (which right now is helping to pay off my dd's wedding!). You can easily make $20/week blogging.

I just coached two people online Friday morning. One has a blog is signing up with one of the companies I work with. The other just got her domain name and is getting her blog hosted. I'll be working w/ her one on one because she has medical problems and is a member of DOUA.

Just visit my Earn Money Blogging page and I'm willing to help you out!


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