Hi everyone- I just joined and would love to visit everyone's blogs, but it's kind of a pain to click on everyone's name, then scroll down their page til I find their blog. Maybe we could all list them here so that we can find eachother easily. Thanks!

Mine is:

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N00b mommy blogger here livin in Missouri. I'm following you here's mine! :) Got Swagga?
Hi to everyone. Just reading all of these wonderful blogs here. It is really neat to see how everyone's is so unique.

I'm also from Iowa and just listing my business blog...


Hello. Colleen from Chicago here! My blog is found at http://www.clevercolleen.blogspot.com/

I've just recently put it on on Blogger. It was on my personal website (www.CleverColleen.com) but was getting no traffic. Hoping to change things. I'd LOVE some followers (hint). Suggestions/Comments welcome also.

Glad to be here!
Hello from Minnesota here. :)

Check out my blog http://pinkvanillacupcakes.com

Here is mine


I just joined today so this is a great way to visit everyone!
Hi Mid-west moms. I live on the Michigan/Ohio line so I'm so midwest I practically live in 2 states! LOL

I have a family blog full of all my foolishness...

Kids.Me & RAW III


My Photog Blog...

A Pocket Full of Poses

Stop by and say Hi and I will make sure to return the favor!
Hi! I would love to list my blog:
Good Idea! I'm from Missouri and a single mama of 6:) Here's my blog www.wholelottamama.info
Hi there - I have been having a blast tonight checking out everyone's blogs! I'm just outside of Milwaukee and I blog at http://www.wisconsinmommy.com If you stop by, be sure to leave a comment so I can visit you as well.
Hi! I've posted here before but I just wanted to reply again because I've changed blogs. I'm a stay at home Indiana momma writing about my life, kids & things that interest me at Wonderfully Chaotic. Thanks all! :)




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