Hi everyone- I just joined and would love to visit everyone's blogs, but it's kind of a pain to click on everyone's name, then scroll down their page til I find their blog. Maybe we could all list them here so that we can find eachother easily. Thanks!

Mine is:

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Hi! I am Debi (Truthful Mommy) and I am in South Bend, Indiana but soon it may be the Quad cities (the Illinois/Iowa border). No matter, its all midwest..all the time:) I just returned from a jaunt to the east coast but now I am back in the Hoosier state> Here is my blog
I would adore any and all feedback and followers. I am trying to grow my blog. You know the thrill you get when you know someone is actually reading what you write? Well, I am pretty much a junkie for that:) I love to share my experiences with other Mommies and if they can benefit from my mistakes( umm, I mean wisdom) even better! Please leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by and I will do the same for you:) Happy blogging! By the way, today is Truthful Tuesday on my blog....if you want to go and relive yourself of some of the weight of the world us Mommies carry, or just get a chuckle and support your fellow Mommies....please stop by!
Great idea....my blog is:


I can't wait to visit all of the blogs listed!

Great idea:


I am from the Chicago area
I'm a Nebraskan! Go Big Red!!

Here is a post from my blog that has a good overview of what my blog contains...would love to have you viist!

I forgot to say I am from Wisconsin
WOOHOO Hello L'Bri sister!

Denise Dobbs
Hello to other Mid-western Mommy bloggers! I am from Michigan and have a blog which features volunteer and service project ideas for kids under 7. I would love for you to check it out - I will be looking at yours as well :)


Hi All! Just joined the group. I'm new to the blogging world and looking for some like-minded bloggers :) Can't beat the Midwestern Ladies!!!!! Please check out my blog....Located in SE Michigan (Livonia if you're familiar)


Can't wait to check out all of yours :)

Hi Kristi! I was just trying to leave a comment on your blog - but I couldn't. I actually live right by you in Plymouth - small world!!! Would love if you would check out my blog at www.thelittleheartsproject.blogspot.com, I will be following you as well!

:) Holly
Good idea!


I am following you now.


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