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Hi everyone- I just joined and would love to visit everyone's blogs, but it's kind of a pain to click on everyone's name, then scroll down their page til I find their blog. Maybe we could all list them here so that we can find eachother easily. Thanks!

Mine is:

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Mine is -- Musings of a Travel Mom

Hi and good afternoon!  I am in Illinois way up along the border of Wisconsin. Still winter here. :-(  Blog about everything but stop by and take a look!

I am MNMSpecial...I am on my way back to South Dakota again, only a new area on the boarder of Nebraska.
My blog is Please stop in and visit!

Hi, I'm new here!


Hi! I'm a newbie too!

Great idea. I'm from Kansas. My blog is Everyday Truth.


Mine can be found at

I'm in Michigan!


The Crazy Nuts Mom

Hello I am a mom blogger from MN.  My blog is  Thanks!

New blog post - Fighting Her Own Battles

Also, I've just started a new group for moms of tweens/, if you're a mom raising a tween/teen or a mom who has raised on...come on over to Moms of Tweens/Teens!



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