Oops. I guess I should have started a discussion instead of writing a comment...LOL. I'm here at Ft. Bragg with my husband! Just wanted to know if there were any other mommy bloggers here in my area. I would love to meet some more wives!!!

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Ladies...sorry I won't be able to make it tomorrow. This week is turning out to be busier than I thought. :( Have fun and keep me posted. And I have skype too!
Oh boy... guess it was just not meant to be... I am not going to make it either! Lol Shall we try for next week?
Ok, Girls... Can we try again for this week? Anyone have a day or time that might work? Lemme know!! :)
Hey, Sorry Guys! I went on a vacation and totally spaced! I'm free this coming weekend! I was just in Fayetteville today.
I can be available pretty much any time, just need to know in advance! :)





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