What makes you feel better when you're feeling down or uninspired?

Chocolate, a pet, writing, ranting, singing.....what's your muse?

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My boys keep me going. Painting, drawing, and writing make me feel better. Jogging. A hot bath with so man bubble that the tub is almost overflowing. And dishing my troubles to a friend.
Wow there's so many! But now that I'm blogging, that's my number one choice. I also read my Bible and pray, talk to a friend, cuddle with my cat, eat chocolate (yummy!) or just zone out in front of the boob tube. I've found that reading other blogs have lifted my spirits a lot too now. I head for my blogroll or my Feed Reader and can spend hours and sometimes am able to forget about what upset me in the first place.

Great question! Keep 'em coming.
All of the above......and doing the things that make me happy like acting like a kid again with my kids.

For instance, this evening they were all reluctant to tidy, so we made it into a race, and I participated....went way better than expected! :)


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