Ok... so I'm new to twitter (as well as this group).  This group is HUGE!!  There are so many wonderful ladies on here... I'm not sure where to start to add people!  I've added a few, but I couldn't find a solid list to pull from, etc.  Sooo, can anyone interested follow me at: http://twitter.com/TheKingsCourtIV  and I will make sure to follow you back!


Plus if anyone can explain direct messaging to me, I'd appreicate it :)

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Hi! I posted about the protocol too, but no one has answered me back yet. Thats one of the disadvantages of a large group - newbies like us can get lost in the shuffle. There is a spreadsheet in one of the Discussions, but it only has a handful of people on there. I havent started either cuz I honestly don't even know where to begin. And I don't want to just start following people without rhyme or reason; its overwhelming!

Even when someone starts to follow me, there's no indication of where they found me - this network or otherwise. In my opinion, there should be a spreadsheet, and all members of the group should use the same hashtag so that we can easily identify each other.

As far as direct message - it just means that it doesnt show up in your timeline or profile or get tweeted to anyone but that person.

Hope that helps, and I hope we both get the guidance we need soon!

I'll follow you, when you see @SofiasIdeas, you can follow me back or just click here: http://twitter.com/SofiasIdeas
Thanks! Just keep me posted... also, I followed you back :)
I'm overwhelmed too!!!! By MBC and Twitter! And blogging to tell you the truth, ugh!
At least we're in the same boat LOL!!!!
Welcome, I'm a newbie too. Mom Bloggers is fantastic! :)

BTW, I've started following you on twitter, and took a look at your site. Very nice, lots of cool freebies & giveaways.

Following you back! By the way, very inspirational blog! We are making baby-steps towards being more eco-friendly... your blog is so very inspirational! Thanks for visiting!
Hello newbies,

Here's a list of some of the moms you can start to follow add yourself in there so others can follow you too.
The forum was getting too big and overwhelming for everyone to follow so we started to manage thing with this list.

When you follow someone on twitter, you can @ them with the #FFMBC handle so we all know you are Following From MBC.

Anyway I'm gonna give you guys a shout out on twitter so you can rack up some followers, make sure to participate in Follow Fridays. Feel free to email me if you have question or just plain confuse.

Hope this helps Ladies!
Don't give up
Hi Cristi,
Here's an example
@TheKingsCourtIV @SofiasIdeas @greenearthbazar I got a few newbies that need followers, guidance plz show them some love. welcome them!
this is a tweet I just sent for you guys, if you check "mention" you will see everyone who mention your name on twitter
like right now if you check people who mention you you will see me

for instance if you follow me, you would tweet something like that: @supermomplace I'm a new follower! #FFMBC

when you put the little # sign in front it make it search able everyone else can see it.

Hope this help!

PS: I don't have access to my gmail right now I can still read my email, but I will reply here if thats ok. :)
Ok I think I got it LOL!!! I've added myself to the list and will look it over tonight :)


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