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Janis Brett Elspas, Mommy Blog Expert

If you’re 40+ and a mom like I am, you’ve definitely got more reasons than you can count about all the ways there are to be grateful.

For sure, you’ve reached the best years of living.  Likely, driving the morning carpool circuit and setting up all those play dates for your kids are a distant memory.  The children are in high school or college, even all grown up and out of the house.  There may possibly be some beautiful grandchildren in your life to enjoy, too.

With so much to be joyful and thankful for, there’s no better time than now to weave a little gratitude into every day.

Simple Ideas to Growing a Garden of Gratitude

  • Reconnect with old schoolmates and childhood friends on Facebook.  There is something really wonderful about finding these lost souls and catching up on each other’s lives.  That’s not even to mention chatting about the good old days and the photos you can share from today and yesterday.


  • Cultivate new friends too, because as the song goes “Make new friends, but keep the old: one is silver and the other’s gold.”  This is a great time to broaden your friendship circle by getting to know others that are the same age range as you, as well as those both much younger and older.  Take an adult education class or start a new hobby -- you’ll be surprised at how many people have a great deal in common with you.
  • Start a personal daily gratitude journal, either written by hand or typed on your computer.  Then write an entry in your private book every day.  Even if you feel you just don’t have the energy or time to jot down a line or two, take note of a few little things that you’re grateful for each day.  Stop and really count your blessings, and you’ll be amazed at how much there is to write about.


  • Do something nice for someone, ideally a friend in need of some good cheer or even a stranger.  A simple smile and hello to that little old lady in front of you at the grocery store – while you help her unload her groceries onto the cashier’s conveyor belt – goes a long way in making someone else happy in addition to returning a feeling of doing something good.


  • Show gratitude and thankfulness generously to everyone you encounter in real life and online, every day.  Be a contributing member of the Twitter community by retweeting worthy tweets of others as well as passing on useful information you discover.  For instance here are two I track:  Celebrity community service on sites like Doing Good Together.  There's also A Better World, an interesting, uplifting online Facebook community where you can support others that do selfless deeds and share things you are grateful for.  Players report a few minutes a day in A Better World makes them feel better, just reading about or sharing their activities with others.


No matter what the weather, keep tending your patch daily throughout the year.  Plant it, water it, and nurture a personal garden of gratitude.  Every so often, sit back and enjoy the produce of your labors.

Read more about enhancing all the goodness of family living on my blog Mommy Blog Expert

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Even for 40+moms like me who still have the blessings of young children, these are great suggestions. Positive people practice an attitude of gratitude! Thanks for sharing this post.


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