Travel through the swamps and brackish marshes with Izzy the diamondback terrapin, soar through the air visiting the world with Gabby and The Tooth Fairy, or take a trip through a pet shop as Albert searches for a new friend. Donna’s books will delight young readers with their imaginative story lines and unique illustrations. Teachers and parents alike will be happy to know that their children are benefiting from these stories beyond developing their reading skills. The stories teach children about biology, geography, ecology, and more. Educators will have no trouble thinking up a number of activities associated with the books to enhance their lesson plans.

In Albert’s Perfect Pet young Albert searches through the pet store in search of the perfect pet, and in doing so, we learn about the concept of pet ownership and the differences between warm and cold blooded animals. Will Albert find his perfect pet, and what will it be?
The award winning story, What Kind of Turtle Am I? tells the tale of a young diamondback terrapin and her search for identity. Along the way we learn the difference between turtles, terrapins, and tortoises and are introduced to the habitat and animals that surround our slow moving friends.
Gabby and The Tooth Fairy takes us on a journey around the world as Gabby is whisked into the night sky on an adventure with a young Tooth Fairy. Children will learn the names and be able to identify the different types of teeth while being introduced to the customs associated with the tooth fairy in several countries.

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The books are available from a number of online retailers in paperback, hardcover, and e-book format.
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Dont know if any of your books are ebook but check out these facebook pages

Hello Donna, I am very interested in reviewing your children's books with my daughters. I run the family oriented blog, My Kind Of Introduction ( and would love to introduce your fun books to my readers as well as daughters. If interested, you can contact me via email at 

I hope to hear from you soon and possibly working together in the near future.

Best Wishes,
Autumn B

Hi Donna,  I know this is an older thread, but if you are still looking at promoting your book, I would be interested in hosting a review (and giveaway if you would like) on my blog. Thanks!  Lisa

Hi lisa..please send me your email. I would love to talk to u further





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