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It's always fun to hear what comments/questions moms of multiples get when out in public with their twins/multiples. What are some of your favs, or not so favs?

"you've got your hands full" seems to be the most common. People also always ask me if they are twins. Or they'll ask me if they're natural. Natural? As opposed to what, fake? LOL

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I always warn people when they're coming out with us for the first time... I tell them... "get ready for the freak hour" cause you get stopped, gauked at, asked questions... etc... I usually have fun.. they don;t really bother me, but i have a demented streak in me...

We get: are they twins? We say: Nope got a great deal on Black friday (the girls were born in November)...
Twins run in your family? Sure, run, walk, swim, hop, skip, you name it...
So, which is the evil twin? They both are they take after me, and I'm the daughter of satan.. (what are people smoking?) ...
Were they natural?.. Well, that's tricky, we couldn't decide so we picked one of each... A real one and a synthetic... wanna see the battery?
You must have your hands full? .. Just lucky I have one for each of them, Bless the mommies of trips quad, etc. ...
Wow, were you trying for twins?... Yes, we started out with triplets, but i like even numbers.... (I know that's horrible, but it's a silly question it deserves it)
and my favorite...
How do you have twins... Heck spread your legs insert, repeat, spread your legs , push, pop out, repeat... simple...

my mom gets upset when she's with me, she says they're just trying to be nice.. I'm sure, they are, but people act like we're entertainment for them (come look at the twins... hey you they've got twins), i figure if i can't sell tickets to the show, i might as well have some fun at THEIR expense...
I LOVE it!
My name is Cori Pearson. I am not a mom of multiples but I am a Aunt of Identical Triplet Girls!!! They are the cutest little girls and Jody, their mom who already had 3 boys and was trying for a girl and conceived the triplets "Naturally" no invitro, nothing was blessed almost 4 years ago on Nov 16th with Aspen, Payton, and Trinity. Go check out their Mom's Blog on the comings of goings of a Mom with 6 kids. 3 (singleton) Boys, and her Triplet (almost 4) Girls at:! She is also a Member of Mom's Blogger Club and would probably add great information and understanding to Mom's with Multiples Discussions. She actually started a Mom's with Multiples Group when she was stationed at Ramstien, Germany with her active duty Air Force Husband. This is actually were the girls were born! Thought I would share! Its amazing to watch multiples do and act how they do. I don't know how you mom's do it but You all Rock! I am a mother of 4 but not all at the sametime and I know get the difference! Jody is als a professional photographer and a stay at home mom. Amazing I know but she is following her dreams. Check out her Website at:
(her photography website with all her wonderful amazing work)
(her business blog)

God Bless,
Cori Pearson
Endless Possibilities In Vinyl Lettering Design
(my online store)
(my business store)
(my family blog)
Hi! I am Jody, the mom above, my cousin Cori is talking about! :) I do have Identical Triplet Girls... I also have Singelton Boys, and one of my "favorite" comments is "Are those Medically or God Given?" WHAT!??!?! All Children are "God Given!" I just say "They were naturally conceved and naturally born" (vaginally) because for some reason that is the second question I usually get! :) I used to get very angry when I got comments such as "Oh heck no, would I do that!" Really... who should I have gotten rid of, A, B or C? Urghhhh ok maybe it still frusterates me! I think people don't know what to say, so they tend to just sprout off what comes to mind, so I don't get too upset anymore. The girls are old enough now to answer for themselves. "We are Triplets, Mama's Triplets" is what they always say when someone asks what they are! :) The only thing that bothers me is when someones comments on the size of our family... Why would have so many? I will say this, They are a blessing, all 6 of them, and I think it takes someone special to be a mom, and I think all kids are special. But it's kind a cool to have multiples! I know what it is to be their mom, but I wonder what it is to BE them! of course they will never be able to answer that because it is all they know! :) I would love to meet other moms, and yes of course other multiple moms! What I really need is to find someone with girl triplets so I can buy their clothes! :)
I used to get "double trouble" a lot to which I would respond "No, twice as nice". That usually made them smile and stop saying anything!

Mine are identical and of course I always got "are they twins?", lots of gawking, lots of smiles and lots of sympathetic looks.

I breastfed the girls till they were 12 months old and when they were little did it 'twin style'. This of course was a bit 'out there' so we didn't get out much! I remember once we were desperate to get to a decent sized supermarket (from which we live 140km from). The girls were about 3 months old. We made the journey with the feeding pillow in the back seat. I managed their first feed at a fellow multiple birth mom's house in that town. The second was in the car parked in the aforementioned supermarket lot. People still gawked and one actually tapped on the window. So, babies attached I wound down the window thinking "what the?" and this woman probably in her 50s-60s said "oh, twins.... my neighbour had twins..... I always wanted twins....." I just smiled and nodded, said 'thankyou' and wound the window back up, stunned that she would go to such lengths...
I have learned to just let most of it roll off my back. People are just curious and most are trying to be nice, though I did have one person ask once "Which one is the bad twin?" I was so flabbergasted I didn't know what to say to that. People frequently say to me, "Oh, I always wanted twins!" If it is a bad day I will sometimes respond, "No, you really didn't, trust me!" I have noticed, as they get bigger (5 now) fewer people notice. It still happens though. When strangers stop to talk to the boys recently, they frequently introduce themselves and say (sometimes without being asked), "We must be twins, huh?" or when asked, "Is that your twin?" they will reply "Yeah, and he's my brother too!" in all earnestness. It is so sweet that they are becoming aware of the uniquness of their connection, even if they don't fully understand it.

The thing I hate, hate, hate is when people come up to me and say, "Oh, I had my kids 11 months apart, so I know just what it is like to have twins." Umm, no, you don't. Just like I don't know what it is like to have higher order multiples. Don't insult me by trying to tell me you've been there when you haven't.
My favorite is "What a blessing!", because this exactly what they mean for me.
What I don't like to hear:"Poor mom, Oh may God" - I don't feel somebody must feel pity of my hands full, because they are a blessing.
It seems that the older they get, the less people comment...although that's probably becuase we split up in public. But a comment that I got often when they were strapped up in their infant car seats with pink head cushions wearing matching outfits and earings, snapped on the Snap-and-Go was "at least you had a boy and a girl so you can be done". Which one looks like a boy!?

I get a lot of "I'm a twin", "My ________ (husband, wife, neice(s)/nephew(s) is a twin", "I have twins, but they're much older now",

I like hearing "you should put them in commercials!" -- speaking of which, is anyone into that?

Recently I was asked a rather odd question by a mother of two sets of twins herself: "Do they have the same birthdays?" It caught me off guard, but both her sets were born on different days (like 11:59pm and 12:06am)


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